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Thursday, November 21, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

Hi y'all!  Sorry I have been MIA this month.  I decided a couple weekends ago I was going to try a Christmas series.  I have been crafting up a storm, and I can't wait to share everything with you.

Being the rule follower I am, I will start this after Thanksgiving.  :)  I'm weird, no white after Labor Day and definitely not tree up before Thanksgiving.  Tall Tan Man is headed out to do manly stuff  this weekend.  I am thankful I am a woman, hunting in the freezing cold sounds pretty terrible.  I will be having a craftathon, and not showering!!!

Hope y'all have a good Friday and a fabulous weekend!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Husband is a Studmuffin

Hey guys!  Just wanted to stop in and share this with you...

Tall Tan Man built this dog house for a coworker's Bull Mastiff.  I went into the garage to check on him and he was in the doghouse.  

 Too many jokes, too little time.  Can you see his mustache?  Is anyone else having to experiencing Movember?  I am not too big of fan... 

Y'all have a great week!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Gallery Wall

Hello friends!  Hope y'all survived Monday.  I have officially started a Thanksgiving break countdown!  I am so excited because my family is coming up from Texas.  Maybe I am weird...well, I know I am weird, but I want our place perfectly all put together when my family gets here.   I had a gallery wall in my last apartment:

We have a little hallway on the way to our bedroom that has the perfect wall for a photo gallery.  We have had so many wonderful moments in the last year that I wanted up on the walls.  You can see how I put together a gallery wall {here}.

Hope ya'll have a fabulous week!  


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 Hello, hello!  Have you jumped on the plaid band wagon?  I had been keeping my eye out for the perfect plaid shirt, but I hadn't had much luck finding one that was in my price range.  Last weekend I went to the JCrew outlet, and found one I LOVED.  I was being stubborn and not wanting to spend $45.  As I walked out of the store I went by the men's section, and saw a bunch of plaid with my favorite word Clearance above it!  I saw this red one and it was an extra slim cut.  I tried it on a size smaller than I wear in women's and it fit!  Now the shirt is not perfect...  The arms are a wee bit wide and the placement of the buttons seems off, but when you only pay $13 you don't care!  

I made sure I wore it with some bling, skinny jeans, and pumps.  I didn't want to feel to manly...

Have a happy Wednesday!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Aubusson Blue Entry Table

I love changing furniture with paint.  You can see {here, here and here} that I am a little obsessed.  I had been hearing the buzz about Annie Sloan chalk paint for a while and decided my entry table was the perfect opportunity.  

I got this table back when I was student teaching to put my TV on.  That was before I had a husband that wanted a bigger TV, when I painted EVERYTHING black, and I thought I was old because one of my friends was married {now: babies are everywhere}.  As you can see the entry table needed a new paint job anyway, because it had been moved four times.  

It was ooooogly.

I decided to use Aubusson Blue from Annie Sloan's chalk paint collection.  I really enjoyed using this paint.  It was easy to work with and didn't seem as messy as normal latex paint.  The only real down side to this paint is that it ain't cheap.  I used two coats on this table and topped it off with Minawax Finishing Wax.  The wax looks orange in the can, but it came out clear on the table.  

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!
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