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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Master Bath is UPDATED!

Happy WEEKEND friends!  A couple weeks ago I posted about our {hall bathroom update} and I saved the best bathroom for last.  I absolutely LOVE how our master bath turned out!  I could just sit in there all day... jk... kind of, sometimes momma needs a break.  Can I get an amen?  As you can see the master bath looked AWFUL when we moved in. 

It is unfortunate that y'all can't tell that the wallpaper was metallic.  Sarcasm intended.

It is very fortunate that y'all can't see in the toilet, because when you buy a foreclosure all the toilets are filled with antifreeze.  Red antifreeze, barf.

The shower was tiny, dark and gross. Tall Tan Man could not fit in it.  Think Will Ferrell showering in the North Pole.  

I tried to convince Tall Tan Man to keep the cave shower, because I knew it would be a lot more work for him to rip it out and move the water line.  10 minutes later I heard walls being ripped out.  :)

Then he used his sculpted biceps to destroy the concrete pan. 

Insert heart eye emoji.

The shower was the most expensive part of the bathroom remodel.  Most of the other pieces we were able to get on clearance!  Here is a rough estimate of our price breakdown:

Shower: $1000 {Home Depot - Vigo Piedmont Shower Kit}
Vanity: $89 {Home Depot - usually goes for $229 but the floor model was on clearance}
Light Fixture: $30 {Home Depot - Hampton Bay}
Plumbing Fixtures: $70
Mirror: $25 {Home Depot - another clearance section steal!}
Tile and Grout: $250 {Home Depot...I guess the whole bathroom is from home depot...ha}
Misc: $30 {shelf, towel rack}
Labor: $400 {Install the shower walls & grout work}

Total: $ 1,894

Looks a little bit better don't you think!?  Tall Tan Man put in a lot of hours in this room and it really paid off! :)  I hope y'all have a great weekend :)


Saturday, August 20, 2016

7 Months Old!!!

I can hardly believe Mack is already 7 months old!!! He is sitting up like a champ, getting his first tooth, and showing signs that he about about to crawl.  I don't think I am ready for a moving baby!

I'm hoping our little Olympian decides that sleeping is better than sitting/crawling/rolling around at 3 AM!!! 


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hall Bathroom Updates

Today I *almost* googled "can a mom love nap time too much?"  I am totally serious.  Some days I feel like I am a rock star and other days I forget to brush my teeth.  Sorry doc and Tall...Tan...Man

When we moved into our fixer upper I knew our bathrooms were going to need a major overhaul.  Our hall bathroom looked like a clearance section from the 70s.  Blue bathtub, gray toilet and a u-g-l-y vanity. 

Terrible, right?

Can I get a drum roll, please?




This bathroom is TINY, y'all.  If we were Chip and Jo we would be taking out some walls.  Instead I tried to make the room look bigger by getting a narrower vanity and toilet.  The towel rack comes from my favorite online addiction {Decor Steals}!  Here is the best before picture I could get of the bathtub/shower. 


I don't know if I will ever get tired of white subway tile.  These tiles are from Home Depot and they are a little bigger than normal subway tiles.  If you are DIYing this I definitely recommend the larger tiles!

I don't think a blue bathtub should have ever been a thing...

Alright, last before shot!

I love our over the door shelf!  We definitely had to take advantage of the space in our TINY bathroom.  

Hope YOU are having a GREAT week!


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Progress on our Curb Appeal

We have pretty much ignored the outside of our house since we moved in two years ago!  When people would come over I would just tell them to look for the house that looks like a hot mess. 

Can you say iris overload?  Here is where we are now:

Here is our check list:

✓ New roof
✓ Paint the door
✓ Rip out the front flower beds
✓ Redo the porch railing
✓ Add shutters {*they still need trim pieces}
✓ Paint house
✓ Extend window wells
✓ Replace light
✓ Replace mailbox
✓ Move sprinklers
Get new house numbers
Add filler dirt
Lay sod where the beds use to be
Add shrubs

Another before:

And perfect cropping...

 We are hoping to knock out the rest of our list before the first snow.  Which is probably next week.  Sarcasm intended...   

On an unrelated note, OU kickoff is in ONE MONTH!  Boomer Sooner!

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