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Friday, June 22, 2012

If you are wondering...

One promise.  This will be my shortest post ever.  Yesterday I was in Philadelphia.  Today I am in Dallas.  Tomorrow I will be in New Orleans.  The next day I will be floating on the ocean headed to Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel.  Almost done packing and now I need to go repaint my nails, because I thought it would be a great idea to paint them in the middle of packing {man, life is sure rough}.    I will not be bringing my computer, because I will be too busy shakin' my grove thing.  

Love you. 

Probably won't miss you.  

Sorry if that was harsh.  

Okay, I'm done.  


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Workouts {Park Bench}

Working out on vacation is always a challenge for me.  When I visit Tall Tan Man all I want to do is sleep late, eat ice cream, and shop.  This summer I decided I wanted to make sure I kept my workouts going, because I knew my healthy eating was out the door.  When you don't have a kitchen it makes your options much more limited, and for some reason I keep ordering queso.  Tall Tan Man's team plays in Camden, New Jersey which was named the second most dangerous city in the USA last year.  This means I can't just run anywhere, and in Camden there are not a lot of my normal workout options.  I am allowed {per TTM's orders} to run by the waterfront.  There is a good stretch of EVEN sidewalk I can do my sprints.  The older I get {yes, I realize 26 is not old} I can tell my body responds better to cardio AND resistance training.  Now, I am by no means a trainer or had any schooling on this.  So please do not sue me for any of these workouts that I love to do.  These workouts can be done on a park bench, {steady} chair, or a coffee table which makes it difficult to make any excuses not to do them.       

step ups

Start this exercise standing on the bench. Keeping your left leg on the bench, then slowly lower your right leg to the ground.  Slightly touch your right foot on the ground, and pull yourself back up with your left leg.  Try not to use your right leg to push off the ground.  Repeat with the same leg 10 times then switch legs. 

incline pushups

Place both hands on the bench and bring your chest as close to the bench as possible.  Push back up.  Repeat 15 times.  

leg raises

Begin this exercise with your bum on the edge of the bench and arms holding on the the side of the bench above your head.  Start this with your legs straight up, slowly lower them to the level of the bench, then raise back up.  It is important to keep your lower back on the bench so you may not be able to lower your legs all the way {and that is okay!}.   Repeat 15 times.  

Now repeat all three of those exercise twice more {3 times total}.  Your half way done!

one legged lunges

Standing next to the bench take a larger than normal step out.  Reach back with your left leg and balance yourself {try not to fall over :) } .  Slowly lower your body as far as you can.  It is key to not let your front knee extend past your front toe.  Repeat this 10 times for each leg. 


triceps dips

These are my favorite.  I have given your three different variations.  The first one is the easiest and the second two are equally as challenging.  Sitting on the bench place hands a half grip outside of your legs.  Slide your bootay off the bench, and walk your legs slightly forward.  Using your arms slowly lower your body down and back up again.  Do not just do the Jane Fonda and thrust your hips...use your arms people! Repeat 15 times.

To make this slightly more challenging extend your legs straight out.

If you feel like you want to work your legs a little more, keep one leg bent and the other parallel to the ground.   Do 8 with each leg.  Can you see the pain on my face?!?

 V Ups

Begin this abs exercise just like the first one, but this time extend your hands above your head.  In one motion raise your upper body and lower body to a V.  Repeat 15 times. 

Repeat twice more {3 total}.  Wooooo you are done!  I hope you feel great :) FYI great = sore.  Please remember I am not a personal trainer, just someone who loves getting her sweat on.  Know your limits and reduce some of the reps if you need to!  One last thing, you might of noticed the cool bridge in the background of some of the pictures.  

This is the Ben Franklin Bridge {which is on my approved places to go list} that connects Camden, New Jersey to Philly.  The bridge has a running path that is about 2.5 miles there and back.  It also has a real nice incline. :)  I definitely recommend it!  

 There are some really cool views of the ballpark Tall Tan Man plays in...

Thank goodness for the even sidewalks, or I would be bruised and cut up from looking around!

Hope your havin' a great week!


A BIG thank you to Tall Tan Man for being my photographer, and the wind beneath my wings.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Baseball Groupie {Bridgeport, CT}

I am glad to say that the 9 game road trip is over.  I have a lot of respect for ballplayers that stay in hotels 70 nights in one baseball season.  I might of had a little breakdown on the way home {Camden, NJ} from Bridgeport, something about wanting to eat vegetables, and wanting a place to run without the fear of being taken. {sigh}  Tall Tan Man handled it great.  I was really being stupid and irrational, but he chose to spin all of my emotions in the right direction.  I am a lucky girl :)  Back tracking a little, our trip to Bridgeport started with a lunch at Five Guys.  

We have this burger joint in Dallas, but I had never been.  I will say the Cajun fries are delicious.  This was pretty much the only highlight of the road trip, and getting to see the skyline of New York City.  One other incredible incident was paying $30 in tolls for a 3 hour drive...crazy!

Just a warning this post is going to be short, and random kind of like my trip to Bridgeport.  I got to go to Trader Joe's for the first time...

We of course found an amazing breakfast place in the neighboring town of Fairfield, CT. 

The stadium  There were a bunch of old beautiful churches, and a great coffee shop.  

The stands were packed...

:) this poor guy fell asleep a few times.  This was the second game of a double header, and the first game started a 10:30 AM.  Not exactly prime baseball time, and it was rainy and 60 degrees.  Alright that was all!  I'm excited to be back in Camden, and to see Tall Tan Man pitch tomorrow!  Ya'll have a great weekend!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Baseball Groupie {Waldorf, MD}

Hey Ya'll!  I just really felt the need to use the word "ya'll", because I feel so far from Texas...If I didn't have Tall Tan Man here I don't think I would last very long.  I have made a few observations of some differences between Texas and the Northeast:

1.  Northeast drivers are WAY crazier than Dallas drivers. 

2.  Is there ever a time or place without a bunch of traffic {again, Dallas isn't even in the same ballpark}?

3.  My inability to order at restaurants quickly does not result in a smile.

4.  Where is a sonic?

5.  I need to wear jeans & jacket to a June baseball game? 

6.  Why are there police cars/vans everywhere?

7.  Who would of thought you would spend more money on tolls than a nice steak dinner?

Now please do not get me wrong, there has been a lot of gracious and kind people I have met.  These are just a few things that make the Northeast not feel very homey.  Speaking of friendly...I have probably had the most awkward ballpark moment of my life.  Waldorf, MD is the home of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.  The ballpark is extremely nice, and their fans are great.  My first night there I was waiting in line to get into the ballpark when all of a sudden the Mascot...

grabs my arm, and pulls me past the entire line.  I am thinking to myself "this is weird...uhhh why wont he let go of my arm?"  I tried to make awkward conversation asking where my section was {FYI mascots don't talk to people}, and finally he let go and walked away.  Unfortunately, the story does not end there.  He finds me in my seat during the first inning, and decides he should sit next to me and stare.  I am all shades of red hoping Tall Tan Man's teammates to not notice this awkwardness from the dugout.  He then starts motioning with his hands for me to give him a pen.  I tell him I don't have one.  Please just get away from me you creepy blue thing.  After what seems like an eternity he leaves.  I think I am finally in the clear, but no.  He comes back in the fourth inning, and at this time he has a pen.  I have never wished so badly that I had someone sitting next to me not an empty seat.  He begins asking me questions.  "Why are you at the ball park alone?"  I really wanted to say "hey creep, are you an idiot?  girls don't come to the ballpark alone unless they are with a player", but I am not that forward.  I said "boyfriend" and point at the dugout.  I guess I looked all sorts of awkward, because TTM's teammate felt the need to come over an check on me.   The mascot asked me a couple more question, basically saying he thinks he is way better looking than TTM.  {sigh}  Sorry for the long and somewhat stupid story, but this was really the only real interesting thing that happened in Maryland.  It was definitely not too interesting that I got dominated by TTM at Putt Putt.  

I owe him a lobster dinner for that one...One exciting thing that did happen is I got to see Tall Tan Man start {first time experience for me because he use to be a reliever}.

He's a stud muffin...

He did great, and I thought I would celebrate with a treat :)

My theory is that ice cream does not have calories in the summer.  One of the days I drove to DC to see my old college friend and roommate Brittany {a.k.a. B MAG}.  I forgot to take a picture, but I had plenty of old ones to pick from. 

I miss having her close.  Her hubbs is a Marine, and that has taken her far from Texas.  The food in Waldorf was not super unique, but it was nice having Panera. :)

I love the chopped chicken cobb {they added avocado, score!}, black bean soup, and yummy acai berry tea.  :)  Can you notice the creepy thing that happened with my order?

That does not happen very often...Well we are on to Bridgeport, Connecticut and I have been told that I am not allowed to run outside by myself.  Guess I will find out if Tall Tan Man is being dramatic ;)  Have a great week!  


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baseball groupie {York, PA}

I am loving summer break!  I have already lost track of the date/day/time, ate way too much, and slept for 10 hours in one night.  I can't believe my body was able to do that!  Just a *warning*. Much of what I like to do in cities I visit is eat yummy food.  I flew into Philly earlier this week, and I am so happy to be back with Tall Tan Man.  Going a month without seeing each other sucks {not a nicer way to say that}.  Before heading to York, Pennsylvania we {including one of his long time teammates & friend} went to Atlantic City.  If I had a little more control/knowledge of this I would of made us go a bit earlier so we could of spent more some time on the board walk.  I am such a woman.    Right when we got there we headed out to a club, and it was pretty jerseylicious.  I saw way too many men with overly gelled hair and designer jeans.  Regardless of the unfamiliar place, we all had a lot of fun shakin' our grove thangs.  The next morning we headed to Brittany's cafe.  

The restaurant was located close to the water, and seemed like more of a local place than tourist place.   The cafe was tiny and cute, there were cops drinking coffee, only one cook, and one waitress. Tall Tan Man got the breakfast quesadilla, and I got an Italian egg white omelet.  His meal was waaaaay better.  TTM: 1 Leslie: 0.  After breakfast we were off to York, Pennsylvania.  The hotel in York is pretty unique.  It was built in the 1920s and has a lot of history {Boys II Men stayed here!}.  The only downside to this hotel is that it has not been updated, or dusted since the 90s. 


 Real keys!!!  The ballpark is one of the cities main attractions, and the first night here TTM was charting {a pitchers thing}. So for the first time in our 5 year relationship I got to sit with him at a game.  I am pretty sure I have gone to over 200 games so this was a treat! :) 

The first morning in York we went to Mezzogiorno, pronounced Mez-G-ur-no.  This casual Italian restaurant is located in the market which I will show you pictures in a little bit. 


 Tall Tan Man got eggs over easy with Holly sauce {mustard/mayo/cream}, and super fabulous "home fries."  I got an egg/feta/spinach/tomato omelet with a banana pancake.  Mine breakfast was definitely better.  TTM: 1 Leslie: 1. I also got these chips at Mezzo, because I was really curious.  All this curiosity might be making my pants tighter.    

Cupcakes are one of my biggest food weaknesses along with chips & salsa, and margaritas.  I was pretty pumped when I saw this cute shop.  I told Tall Tan Man I wouldn't make him go, and I took myself on a date.  Just Cupcakes Cafe was delicious, and adorable.

 Oh how I love mini cupcakes. 

My favorite was the PB, and second was probably the oreo.  Now my pride is wanting to interject, and tell you I have worked out everyday on my "vacation."  I am pretty sure my routine of big breakfast, dessert lunch, and salad dinner is not the healthiest.  It is always interesting running around random cities.  I never felt exactly threatened here, but I did wish I had my mace on me...Here are more of my favorite things from my trip to York. On our last day we headed back to Mezzogiorno's, because it is located in the same building as the Market.  

 Tall Tan Man's breakfast might make your mouth water a little more than my oatmeal and fruit...but both meals were delicious and mine was lower calorie so I score this a tie TTM:2 Leslie:2.  The Market was awesome.  My inner organic-trendy-hippie was happy. 

We bought some yummy fruit, and I got lunch a mini pie from The Pie Shop.  The vender was making the pies right there in the market.  It would of been totally rude not to indulge in one of his 
blueberry pies.  :)

The pie was wonderful. 

I really loved this sign above a church.  Such truth.  Hope my food pictures did not bore you!  We are off to Waldorf, MD tonight after the game.  Excited to be in a new state!  Pretty crazy how close all these states are to each other.  I guess everything is really bigger in Texas.    


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Photo A Day Challenge

It is that time again!  Doing this challenge really makes time seem to fly.  I blink and another month is over.  I am OFFICIALLY on SUMMER BREAK.  One of the *many perks of being a teacher.  It is time for me to regain my sanity!

This might be strange, but I really enjoy listening to baseball games {4th}!  It always helps me to be super productive :)

Saturday morning breakfast {12th) with my ladies is always something to look forward to!

I love natural {stir} peanut butter.  You can check our my Summer Wreath tutorial {here}.

I love studs {25th}...and early Sunday morning workouts {20}. 

These pics are from the last weekend before school got out for the summer!!!  Mimosas {28th} are my favorite pool drink!

These were fabulous! This photo challenge is fun :)  You can check out my February, March, and April if you want!  Have a great weekend :) 

Oh!!! I have a little favor...If am headed out to the Northeast to see Tall Tan Man this week!!! If you have ANY suggestions on things to do in or around York, PA, Waldorf, MD, Bridgeport, CT, Philadelphia, PA, and New York City let me know...PLEASE...I love trying different breakfast places so if you know of any of those let me know!   


Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Mid Twenties {26 years young}

Some people dread getting older, but me on the other hand have never really given it a second thought.  I absolutely LOVE birthdays, which I realize it is somewhat a selfish thing to enjoy all the extra attention.  26 does feel different {I am sorry if you think I am ridiculous, just bear with me}.  As I sit in my 700 squared foot-one bedroom apartment, my life is pretty different then I imagined it to be. 

After much over analyzing I realized my focus is totally in the wrong place.  It is such an easy thing to look at everyone elses life, and think they have it perfect.  If I had everything that I had "planned" on having would I be content? The wrong part with this question is all the "I's".  Writing this I feel almost silly, because I know many people that have all these things that are still searching.  My contentment needs to come from the Lord.  Anything else I try to fill myself with just leaves me empty.  I listened to a sermon a couple of weekends ago, and this verse stuck out to me.  

Anyway, that was really serious, but this has been on my heart.  I promise I am not always series {it is actually pretty rare}.  My coffee table frequently doubles as my stage for all my Call Me Maybe performances.  You can look for tickets to be sold on stub hub coming soon...  Somethings did happen this year that reinforced that I am getting  

older ... 

I bought a washer and dryer...

I bought a vacuum {#lame}... 

Sleeping in is something my body does no longer find necessary...

Where did my 20/20 vision go?

Common people, ID me.  

My brother is old enough to go to college?!?

I am an "experienced" teacher {aka you can't play the "i didn't know I was suppose to do that" card}...

My friends are old enough to be Moms???

My facebook news feed looks like someone threw up baby/wedding.


My birthday was pretty stinkin' awesome.  My co workers sure do know how to make me feel loved :)  Thank you Kelli and Cathy!!!

Love these!

Ahhhh I need to finish grades in there!!!

One of the biggest blessings God has ever given me is my family {and really good tex mex}.  

And sugar...

These fabulous cupcakes are from La Rosette in Richardson, Texas.  They were ALL fabulous.  You might be wondering how I knew they were all fabulous...

Yep.  I felt sick.  

My friends and I are celebrating this weekend, and I could not be more excited!  There is a dance floor somewhere calling my name.  My birthday celebration will also continue when I see Tall Tan Man on Monday {hint, hint. wink, wink. nudge, nudge.} !!!


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