Wednesday, March 18, 2020

DIY Framed Eucalyptus Art

Hiiii y'all!  It's been a while but I felt like I'd just jump right in with a fun and easy DIY!  The reason I DIY is either because I can't find what I'm dreaming of, or the only thing I can find is too expensive. I looked and looked for something to work in this space but finally this idea came to me! 

DIY Framed Eucalyptus


2 Frames from Michaels (16x20)
Gold Spray Paint 
Hot Glue


1.  Take the frame apart and it paint gold.  Try to let this sit for 24 hours.  During this time you can press your eucalyptus down with a stack of books.  

2.  Use the cardboard that was already in the frame and cut your fabric slightly smaller.

3.  Put a few dots of hot glue around the edges of your cardboard to hold down the fabric (smoothing as you go).

4.  Put the mat back on the fabric and arrange the eucalyptus.  Feel free to remove leaves!  Place a small dot of glue on the stem and attach to the fabric.

5.  Put the glass on top and back into the frame!  



This project was a welcomed distraction yesterday...  Hope you are hanging in there and finding ways to stay sane during all of this!  

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

One Room Challenge {W6}: Letter Board Ledge + Play Kitchen Update

Wooohooo y'all, I FINISHED THE PLAYROOM!!! 

I am so excited about our new and improved playroom!  This was one of the last rooms that needed some love and I'm so excited to be DONE!  Last Thursday I was almost crying to Tall Tan Man because there was no way I was going to finish.  #dramatic  Thankfully, I was able to do some problem solving and get all that needed in time!  Here is a quick recap of our playroom update:

Week 1: Playroom Inspo

Week 2: Playroom Cubbies

Week 3: DIY Playroom Art

Week 5: Activity Wall

This week I wanted to tackle the wall you can see when you walk in our house.  I'm a firm believer that rooms can be functional and cute!

The first project I tackled this week was updating the Ikea play kitchen.  

I used paint I already had from {levi's dresser makeover} and the backsplash is a pillow sham from Mack's bedding.  Overall I spent about $35!!!  Gotta love Facebook Marketplace and being resourceful! 

Both boys love it {aka fight over it}!  I just need to get them some fake food so a whole box of cheerios doesn't get dumped in the sink again.  🙅 I really love green and bronze together! 

The last project in the room was this giant DIY letter board ledge.  

I used the {tutorial} from Lolly Jane and can't wait to change my sign throughout the year!  Although, I'm notorious for never changing my letter boards...  There is a good chance this will say Merry Christmas until March! Surely I'm not the only one with this struggle.  😂  Let's do a few before and afters then I'll be done with my Fall 2019 ORC!






annnnd now!

Thank you for following along during this journey!  I'm so excited to have completed another One Room Challenge.  To see all the other awesome participants click {here}!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

One Room Challenge {W5}: Almost Done!

Hi friends!  October felt like the slowest month in a long time...  a slow month where being productive felt almost impossible.  I am so thankful for all the kind messages I received about losing my MIL.  We are all still in shock and dealing with grief is awful/hard/strange.  

I am patting myself on the back for getting another part of this room finished.  DIY is definitely therapeutic for me, along with working out and eat a ridiculous amount of cookies.  Here is a look back at what I've done:

Week 1: Playroom Inspo

Week 2: Playroom Cubbies

Week 3: DIY Playroom Art

This week I wanted to tackle the wall in the room that was really a wasted space.  Before:

The only part of this wall that was useful was the calendar.  I decided I could do better!

The grey shelf is the same shelf that was already on the wall and the chalkboard used to hang vertically on another wall in the room.  

So cute, right?!  I love this antique chalkboard.  The ream of butcher paper came from my Grandad's shop and I've already used it several times!

The hat rack and baskets will hold coloring supplies {all from Hobby Lobby}.  Any other Mommas have to have coloring supplies out of reach from their kids?  One kid will write on walls and the other one will eat the chalk... #youregoingtomissthis

One more week!  I'm semi freaking out because the plan I had all along might be not be working...

Check out all the other amazing rooms of the One Room Challenge {here}!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

One Room Challenge {W3}: Playroom Art

Hi y'all! I'm giving myself a pat on the back right now because I'm out of town this week... BUT I STILL GOT A POST UP!  Pretty proud of myself.  Now, it's not as cute as last week:

but I got Levi to help me take pictures to up the cuteness!

This week my goal was to have the bedding for the daybed finished and some art put above it.  Check-ish and check!!!  I still need to find white pillow covers for the back pillows {this is a common problem in my house 😂} and I'm thinking I need one more throw pillow.  I'm wanting a leather looking one to warm up the space some more!  

The artwork was a super easy DIY and I love how the wood breaks up the white in the room!  I used poster frames from Ikea {found them in the AS IS section}, 2 x 4 x 1/4 board from Home Depot cut the same size as the frame backing, and art is from ETSY printed on engineer paper at Office Depot.  I just layered the poster in front of the wood and BAM, playroom art!  Only $34 each! 

Alright y'all, I can't believe I squeaked that one out! 💃💃💃  Be sure to checkout all the other awesome guest participants {here}!

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