Wednesday, February 15, 2017

the inside of our house is "finished" !!!

Do we look like babies or what?!  This was back in 2014 during our first demo day!  We had just removed the 40 year old double ovens and thought our house flip would take only a year... We were just off by a year or so! ;)

Man oh Man...  I can't believe our flip is almost finished!  This house was our 11th house to offer on and about the 85th house we looked at.  The Denver housing market is absolutely nuts. (Which is now a good thing!)  Tall Tan Man didn't come with me to look this house because he needed a break from house shopping.  I knew the second I pulled up in front, that I wanted this house {just like the other 10}, but I tried to not get my hopes up.  I still remember where I was when I got the phone call that we got it.  It is crazy to think of all the memories we have made in this home.

Well you better grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up, because I am fixin' to show you about a million before and afters! :)

-Entry Room-

This was the first thing you saw when you walked into our house.  We removed the wooden wall, painted, installed new baseboards, {ripped out the carpet}, {sanded} and {finished the hardwood floors}.

A different before view in the entry room.

We also {painted the front door}, {updated the light fixture}, and cleaned up the window.

-The Hallway off of the Entry Room-

We did the same updates as we did in the entry room with {this} light fixture update.

-The Kitchen-

Ain't she a beaut? haha This room has taken the most work and maybe caused the most fights... kidding, kind of.  We put in new appliances, {tore out the hood, sofets, and the island}, and then added recessed lighting.  Tall Tan Man {created a built in trashcan}, {extended the kitchen cabinets}, and {added open shelves}.  Then we along with both our families {painted the kitchen cabinets} and added the subway tile back-splash and replaced the counter tops. 

-Sun Room-

Oh the stupidest wall ever created... We {removed the wall}, painted the ceiling, textured and painted the walls, removed TWO wall AC units, added carpet, {DIYed some light fixtures}, removed some paneling, added trim, and scraped liquid nails off the brick.  You can see more details of all that {here}. 

Now, one idea Tall Tan Man and I are contemplating is painting this brick.  Originally I really wanted a brick accent wall, but it just doesn't blend well...  I'd love to hear your thoughts:

-Garage Room-

This room was our last room to finish and it was a major doozy.  We had to remove a massive gun safe, fixed the paneling, paint the paneling, replace the carpet, lots of trim work {and caulking...},  and finally updated the ceiling {post to come!}.  You can read more details {here}!

Another before angle.  


-Guest Room-

This room was first our office but after Mack was born we converted it into a guestroom.  Who wants to come sleep next to our baby that doesn't sleep through the night??? ;)  After updating the floors, {we painted the paneling}, I built a {roman shade}, and {painted the closet door with chalkboard paint}.

-Mack's Room-

Mack's room was an easier flip.  The big projects were painting and refinishing the floors.  You can read all about how I decorated Mack's room {here}, {made him a side table}, and {DIYed his rocker}

-Hall Bath-

This bathroom was an ugly hodge podge made even more fabulous with a blue bathtub.  Everything but the tile in this bathroom is new, even the $0.01 light fixture!!  All the details are {here}.

-Master Bedroom-

This room was mainly cosmetic fixes.  We {ripped out the carpet}, {sanded}, {refinished the wood floors}, painted, updated the ceiling fan, and Tall Tan Man repaired the hole in the wall.

-Master Bath-

This room got COMPLETELY gutted, and we pretty much stole this vanity for $89!!!  You can read all about it {here}.

-Basement Stairs-

You can read all about how I did this project for only $65 {here}!!!

Ok, that is it!  Which was kind of a lot...haha.  Tall Tan Man keeps saying, can we sell it yet?  I always say no.  :)  We bought this house for two reasons; 1) For this to be an investment property
2) Learn how to fix up a house.  Although I do hope we make some good money off this house, I'd like to live in it for a little while longer.  Pahhhlease, Tall Tan Man.

I know I said we were done with the flip but that isn't completely true.  We still want to update the landscaping in the front yard, but if we had to sell the house today, we could!  If you are still reading, thank you. :)  This house has taught Tall Tan Man and I a bunch and I plan on sharing that soon.  Y'all have a great weekend!!!


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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentines Oreo Hearts

Happy {almost} Valentines!  These Oreo Hearts would make a perfect dessert for your favorite shmookums.  When I was making {Oreo Footballs} for the Super Bowl I realized the cookies were HUGE!  I had a little bit of the Oreo mixture left so I decided to make bite sized hearts instead.  The worst part of these cookies is that you can eat 10 of them before breakfast and not even realize it... 


Since I posted the {recipe} last week, I decided I wouldn't share it again, but I would share a couple tips on dipping the hearts.  The hearts were a million times easier to dip than the footballs!!!  Once you take the frozen hearts out of the freezer poke them with a toothpick, and dip the heart.

As you take the heart out of the chocolate make sure you tilt it with the point down.  This will make the chocolate stay smooth.

 If you are using sprinkles make sure to apply them right away!

Here are two other Valentines desserts that will not disappoint.  :)

I hope you have fabulous week, and a weekend full of baking! 

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