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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In honor of being 30 weeks pregnant and feeling...

SUPER {maybe just a hint of sarcasm}!!!    I really do feel great most days unless I try to eat Mexican food...  Then the fajitas better be dang good because the heartburn is NO fun.  I absolutely love feeling our Little Man wiggle around in my tummy.   I made the mistake of reading an article {PS don't read anything when you're pregnant} about counting the number of movements in the morning and at night.  I am thankful for women who have done this before and tell me to stop worrying because honestly it won't change a thing!

As Tall Tan Man and I were driving to church on Sunday he said he didn't want to take the picture in front of "another brick wall."  Initially I was annoyed... go figure, upset about something so stupid then I spotted the super buffet.  Y'all, I am not sure how am going to be able to walk with out falling down if I get much bigger.  Last week I literally almost fell into a students desk. It was really uncomfortable...

Speaking of uncomfortable.  Right after Tall Tan Man snapped a couple pictures a mini van pulled into the parking lot.  I had to get out of there...

Tall Tan Man loved it. He wouldn't stop taking pictures and laughing at my awkwardness... 

Yep, that picture sums up how I feel right about now.  ;)

Y'all have a great week!


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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DIY Rope Mirror

Hey there!  We had our first snow in Denver today.  You know what that means?  Christmas time!  I will always associate snow with Christmas... It is a Texas thing.  It is definitely not a Colorado thing.  Snow here means spring break, Valentines, and sometimes Mother's Day.  I don't know if I am okay with that... haha

I have been working on our Little Man's room like a crazy person.  I know we have over two and a half months, but I just can't help it.  I wouldn't be surprised if the people at Ikea know me by name now...  This DIY mirror is SUPER easy to make and fairly inexpensive!   Alright, let's get to it!


Ikea Grundtal Mirror {$40, here}
8 ft Medium Size Rope {$7, home depot}
Picture Hanger
Large Metal Drawer Pull {$6, home depot}


1.  Tie the ends of the rope in single knots.  You may need to cut your rope down to a better length {i had to}.

2.  Using the left and right hanging holes, tie your rope to the mirror by using the jute.  Be careful not to tie the jute too tight!

3.  Attach the picture hanger to the wall where you want the mirror itself to hang.  Hang the mirror using the middle hook.

4.  Now position your rope and find where you want the pull to go.  Hammer your rope into the wall.  Next I used a flat nail so I could easily slide the pull onto it.  I applied a little hot glue on the nail and slid the nob on. 

I had to play with the rope knots some so it would lay nice and that is it!

I can't wait to share more of Little Man's room with you!  :)

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Our European Adventure

Oh my goodness, it is NOVEMBER!  How did that happen?  I think time needs to slooooow dowwwwnnnn.  I am so excited to meet our Little Man but I am not quiet ready yet.  Does that makes sense?  Is that normal?  We are still having a hard time deciding on a name.  We can't have a nameless child!  

... I digress

A few weeks ago Tall Tan Man and I got to go Europe, and it was a trip of a lifetime.  We got a call back in March from my cousin/life-long friend's husband asking if we would like to go to Europe for her birthday.  Of course we would!  Then I got pregnant.  This trip was one of the first questions I asked my doctor about when we had our first appointment.   I was relieved when the doc gave us a green light.  This trip was a complete secret for my Cousin and it was SO HARD to not screw it up.  But I did it!  I am not known for being smooth...

Our first stop was Paris, France!  I am just going to picture overload you... If the picture looks like it was taken by a professional, then it probably was.  My cousin and aunt are super talented photographers, now if I could get some of those skills developed before little man gets here!

One of the coolest part of France was our trip was going to Normandy.  I love history but I realized that I forgot a lot since high school.  To actually see where the D Day invasion happened was incredible.  It was crazy to think how many lives were forever changed on that day.

Up next was Dublin, Ireland.  We LOVED everything about this place!

 Good job honey!

 uh oh!


 It might of taken us a week but we are officially no longer feeling the affects of jet lag!  Now, get ready for some nursery posts, and hopefully some finished bathroom posts.  I can't wait until we have a bathroom upstairs again. :)


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