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Monday, August 31, 2015

18 Weeks!

Well, I am officially in maternity clothes!  The rubber band trick is still hanging in there with a few of my jeans, but not all.  

Random Pregnancy Moments & Thoughts:

1.  Crying my eyes out when I got pulled over for rolling a stop sign {again}.  Continue to sob even after I was told I was getting a warning. 

2.  I flipped someone off while driving last weekend.  I don't think I have done that since, well...ever.  {already prayed about it, so no guilt trip please}

3.  When did running 250 meters cause me to be out of breath?

4.  When did running a 5k mean I need to take a 2 hour nap?

5.  Crying during Garth and Trisha's duet at his world tour.  Crying when I told Tall Tan Man about it the next day.  

6.  A student tells me they can't see the board because I am in the way.  I can't back up {my desk is there} and I can't suck my tummy in anymore. 

7.  Buying baked potatoes for the first time in years.   

8.  I almost ate a spoonful of cookie dough once...never mind alcohol, I want cookie dough.  

9.  I really don't think women who lose weight in the first trimester to should talk about how pregnancy weight gain is so easy at 20 weeks.  

10.  Boy names are hard. Does a name that is masculine, classic, unique, and not popular exist?

11.  Tall Tan Man told me that $250 was too much to spend on little Man's dresser.  Then he realized he might use it for 18 years.  Then he realized our baby isn't always going to be a baby {deer in headlights}.

 12.  I avoid any and every article about childbirth.  I plan on going in clueless.  

13.  I accidentally confused the meaning of pap-smear and mammogram at my 6 weeks appointment.  Tall Tan Man unfortunately was there to see and clear up the confusion {I am such a good woman}.

14.  At lunch with Tall Tan Man in Florida, I began crying when I told him how much I loved him.    

Alright, that is all I can think of right now.  I am hoping for my first random person to ask me when I am due soon!  My belly is not just 5 guys burgers...


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kitchen Remodel {Summer Progress}

Hello!  What do you think of our summer progress?  I put the kitchen back together yesterday morning and every time I walk in the room I am so surprised!  Holy cow, this looks like a kitchen that I love!  It is a GREAT feeling.  We definitely have more work to do, but let me first talk about what we have done.

What do you think of those countertops?! I am in LOVE. They deserve their own post {which I will get to asap}.  We Tall Tan Man also added the subway tile backsplash, which totally changed the look of the room.  I wanted to keep it simple, because ultimately we are doing all this to sell. 

I use to think the picture on the left looked good. haha Oh how times have changed.  Our apron front sink is from Ikea.  I might have to take it with us when we move...

 We still have plenty to do in the kitchen {and it ain't cookin', jk, kind of}.  First off, the cabinets under the sink need to be redone because of the new sink. 

We haven't decided what we should do in this corner yet.  Add open shelves?  Leave it open?  We kept the hook up for under cabinets lights, but we are going to remove that.   What do you think we should do?  HELP!

This little nook caused quiet a few debates.  We could not decide what to do with it for months.  Finally, I just decided to get as much counter space as possible and it was the right choice!  This space has made cooking so much more relaxing.   I am not sure if relaxing is the right word...this space has not added any additional stress to cooking.  :)  Tall tan man needs to add the crown molding and I need to paint it.   

Lastly, we have to finish the floors and baseboards.  That is not too many things, right?  

I hope you are having a great Sunday!  If you want to check out all our other kitchen progress post click {here, here, and here}.

I am so ready for fall!


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Monday, August 10, 2015

12 weeks {already behind!}

Hello!  Oh my goodness, I had such good intentions about doing bump updates every week but that has not happened.  Also, I was super hopeful that I would be getting little more of a bump and a little less of an inter-tube....but that is not what my body is doing!  July was a crazy month for us.  We went to Houston, Nashville, Oklahoma City and Dallas {hence no bump pics for 13, 14, or 15 weeks}.  I am getting to the point where almost all my clothes are fitting just wrong.  Last weekend I got to celebrate my sweet friend Sarah.  

14 weeks pregnant

I'd like to call my dress, the last dress standing.  Since it may be the last dress in my closet I can wear out of my house without being self conscious.  The first day of school is tomorrow and I think I am just going to wing my outfit in the morning.  Which is the opposite of what I have done in the past but I just can't even think about it!  I am going to ask Tall Tan Man to help me with the videos from when we told our families THIS WEEK.  They are pretty awesome, I think.  :) 

I hope you have an awesome week! 

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