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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Boy, Baby Shower Invitations!

After many Google searches for baby invitations I discovered that there was a ton of options but none that would be perfect for my wonderful cousin-friend, Meghann.  I was blessed to be a part of Meghann and Shaun’s wedding last year and I am so excited for this new adventure.  From my Google search I was able to gather a ton of ideas that got me really excited.  I was able to get the basic idea of the onesie but none of them were as unique as I wanted it to be. 
Here are the invites I made!  I tried to make a “how to” tutorial ☺ It is my first!

I first bought all the paper at Michaels (go wherever the paper is on sale!).  I bought the 12x12 card stock paper because it was the perfect color of crimson.  I also bought a pack of black and white card stock (40% off coupon).  Before I go any farther, I will warn you that I worked on these over a couple of days to make sure I wouldn’t get burned out and do a crappy job (is crappy a blog appropriate word?).

Stage One-Making the Stencil
I first experimented with different onesie shapes. I wanted the invite to fit in a 5 by 7 envelope so I first cut out a 5 by 7 sheet of computer paper.  I then folded it “hot dog style” and traced what I wanted the onesie to look like.  Keeping the “hot dog” style I cut out the shape.  I did this so everything would be symmetrical. 

Trace 2 onesies side by side on a piece of card stock and cut it out (yours doesn’t haven’t to be as cute as mine…I was experimenting).  To make sure the front and the back were the same I folded down the middle and cut looking at just one side.  Now you have your form! 

Stage Two-Cutting out all the onesies
Using pencil, trace your form on all your scrapbook paper of choice (tedious…I know). 

With my paper cutter I cut out the edges of the invite.  I am pretty pumped about making something with the left over paper (future post…I think yes!) 

This is important, using an edge fold the paper over and use the plastic end of the scissors to make a clean fold.  Cut out the invites and erase all stray pencil marks.  They are already cute!  If you notice, all these pictures were taken outside because I am a believer of multitasking.  Sunbathing and crafting!

Stage Three-Making the back
I think if I had a Cricket this would be MUCH easier (note to self: buy a Cricket…any suggestions on which one to buy?). I first printed the mommy’s last name on white card stock, cut out the name, and backed it with black card stock.

Making the 11’s was a little more tedious.  I first printed them on white card stock and cut them out individually. This time I backed with white card stock to make the 11’s pop. 

Stage Four- Making the front
I created this elliptical shape (fancy math word for an oval, I teach algebra 2) in word.  In order to make it look like a uniform I added tiny stripes on the sleeves.  I found it easiest to make them a little longer and cut off the excess paper.
I thought the buttons were going to be difficult because I wanted them perfectly straight.  I realized that using a piece of paper with tick marks made it a cinch!  I put drops of glue next to the tick marks and placed the buttons down.  I am sure the roommates were glad when this project was done because the onesies were spread out all over the floor.   I was very careful so that they wouldn’t stick to each other.

Stage Five- Making the Inside
This part is totally up to you.  The dimensions I used were 4.7 by 2.6.  I looked at a bunch of different wordings until I found this one. 

Grace, peace, and be sure to enjoy some sweets!


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