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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pie Tin Stand

I might be slightly obsessed with making dessert stands.  I am in love the industrial chic look.  I made this pie tin stand for only $10.  I found all three of these pie tins at an antique store for $8.  They look pretty warn and that makes me happy.  :) I got the candle stick at goodwill, and candle holder at side of the road flea market (only $1 each).  I used epoxy that I already had to attach everything.  

I first measured the center then taped a circle where the object was going to be.

This made applying the epoxy easy!  I did this over 2 days to make sure everything was attached well.  I placed some light weight medicine balls on the top of the candle sticks to make sure they were secure. 

This is part of my Christmas decorations.  :)

Here is my tree.  I turn it on every night even though it has just been me.

My apartment is only 770 sq feet so I had some challenges making room for the tree...

Yep.  My favorite red chair had to make it's way to my bedroom.  Almost didn't make it...good thing I was a math major and I understand angles:) haha Have I mentioned that wrapping Christmas presents is one of my favorite things?

5 days and counting!!!

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