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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crusin' the Carribean

Well my friends, I am back.  June was such a whirlwind...I got to spend a good chunk of time with Tall Tan Man {a few more post coming soon...}. The day I got home from seeing him I started my laundry, because we were leaving for the cruise the following morning.  Packing was a little hectic, but I found laying everything out on my bed helped me not over pack...i think...

My friends {with no spousal companions}, and I had SO much fun on an AWESOME CRUISE. As I lay here with my stomach growling, I really wish I was about to head up to the dining room for a 3 course dinner.  I was SO thankful our boat left from New Orleans which is only a 9 hour road trip from Dallas.  Last year our cruise went to the {Bahamas}, and the drive to Florida was a little twice as long. Our drive did start with much needed coffee to put us in a good mood...

Good thing we didn't try to bring my Mom's Camry...

We didn't do much in NOLA, besides visit Cafe Du Monde.  Beignets are delicious.  Nothing like eating 1,300 calories for breakfast, especially when you plan on wearing a bikini for the next 7 days.

There were a bunch of unique artists located close to Cafe Du Monde.

We had some good laughs in our cabin!  I bet your jealous of the bunk beds...

We loved our three course dinners...

This was one hilarious Indonesian Man!  He could definitely drop it like its hot.

Our cruise had three stops.  The first was Isla Roaton, Honduras.  We all opted for hats...gotta slow down the aging process!


View of our ship, and a somewhat overcrowded beach :(

Next stop was unBELIZEable!  

We all went snorkeling for the first time!

How cool is this island?!?!

Cozumel, Mexico!!!

 Sarah has never met a stranger!

Yep, four girls rented mopeds in Mexico, and lived to tell about it!

I love their faces!

Such beautiful water!

Thanks to Cathy we got to skip all lines coming on and off the boat :) Thhhhhank youuuuu

Now just crossing my fingers that I don't peel!


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