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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wedding Planning

Hi my name is Leslie and I have this blog called Wonderfully Made that I use to have time to work on.  Oh how life has changed...  I absolutely love being engaged to Tall Tan Man.  I don't really know how to explain it, except by saying my heart feels really full.  Weird? I don't know.   Since I began planning I had my eye on Thanksgiving break.  I get the ENTIRE week off.  That is definitely something to be thankful for!  I thought I would catch ya'll up on all the planning my Mom and I have been up to since TTM popped the question.  

Week One:

A lot of cartwheels.

Visited two dress stores.

Saw two possible venues.  Eliminated the two venues.

Made my guest list.  One of the hardest tasks, because I only want 150 total.  Tall Tan Man had 165 on his first draft...uh oh

Week Two:

Found my dress at Lulu's in Dallas.  They were amazingly helpful, and did a little celebration dance after you get your dress. I was able to buy mine off the rack, which was a big relief.

Found the venue

Met with a great photographer

Sent my bridesmaids a package.

Week Three:

Found shoes and dropped them off to get dyed.


Took my dress to the tailor

Helped Tall Tan Man cut his list down.  I am not as cool as him..

Looked for plates with Tall Tan Man.  He loved every moment.

Premarital Conference

Week Four:   


Confirmed the pastor.

Found and booked the perfect DJ.  Excited to shake my grove thing!

Next week Tall Tan Man and I are working on making our invites and taking engagements!!!  Time to go shopping!  Hope you are having great weekend! 


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