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Friday, April 26, 2013

Pre Wedding Photographs {the guys}!

I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in Denver, Colorado enjoying my first iced skinny cinnamon dolce of the year.  I'm definitely in my happy place.  :)  This post is perfect for today because it is Tall Tan Man's birthday!  I would tell you his age but I might get in serious's a big one {milestone not number}.  Here are some of the pics of Tall Tan Man's hilarious friends by the wonderfully talented Caroline Jurgensen Photography!

All TTM's buddies from all phases of life!

The "Bleu pose"!  TTM's best man tore his Achilles and had to use crutches at the wedding.   They did not stop him from getting down at the reception!

And all the individual pictures...some of these are pretty funny :)

My handsome husband.

 I love this shot {and that dimple}.

I think they had fun...

Thank you Caroline for the beautiful pictures {I know it wasn't easy keeping the boys guys in line}!  Alright TTM and I are headed to Eastern Colorado for the evening {looks more like Kansas than Colorado to me}.  I might leave Colorado in a food coma.  Y'all have a great weekend!


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