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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Move {part one}

Hello!  Well, I have had a busy week!  Uhaul-ed my furniture up to Colorado, "unpacked", flew to OKC for a "baby shower", and hitched a ride back to Dallas.  I am going to share some pictures from the adventures with y'all. 

As you can see by the picture the Uhaul was FULL!  I changed the size of the uhaul last minute because my mom someone thought it was going to be way too big. I learned the hard way that my Momma isn't always  right...

essential beverages...

We made it!!!

Tall Tan Man loves all my things.

Of course the day we moved in was 95 degrees...I thought Colorado didn't get that hot!!!  We were totally worn out after two days of moving.  We inhaled pizza...and cinna sticks...


A moving trip is not complete until you make a trip to ikea! 

p.s.  Aren't Sarah's pants awesome??

After Denver I headed to OKC to see my friends and spend time with the new momma, Stef.  We had originally planned to have a shower for her but her twin boys decided to come early.  If you think about it say a prayer for the precious Embree Family.  I know God is with them and taking care ALL FOUR of them!  This is my good friend Brit.  She is moving to Japan in the Fall...How can I say 'honey, I want a plane ticket to Japan?' and not freak out Tall Tan Man?

I love all these ladies!

I am back in Dallas for a few more days then back on the road to Denver!  I'm staying for real this time...eeeee!


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