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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Before's

Hi there!  Our new apartment is coming along slowly but surely.  I am a reeeeally sloooooow decorator.  I don't like to make any rash decisions, and designing for the myself and Tall Tan Man has been harder than expected.  Tall Tan Man gave me a few guidelines... no floral and no over decorating.  You would think this would be easy to work with, but I have found myself a little stressed out by making our home right for both of us.  It's silly, I know.  I just want both of us happy.  Our apartment started out with most of my furniture, but has slowly changed thanks to my handy husband.  Here are a few projects we are working on currently.  I will be SO thankful when all of these are done...I want my floor to not be covered with a tarp!

Here is the beautiful coffee table Tall Tan Man made.  

This is the awkwardly large desk in the kitchen...As you can see it collects more trash than office things. 


We will be doing our own ikea "rask hack" {you should google all the awesome hacks}!

The BEAUTIFUL bed Tall Tan Man Made.  Sorry for the late night phone picture, the bed looks tiny.  Do you love our leopard sheets?  Can you guess who bought those? 

This is our new Ikea dresser that will match the bed. 

I better get up and start painting!  Have a fabulous day!


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