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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Craft Cabinet Upgrade

 Hello!  You are lookin' at my first Craig's List project!  I have always wanted to update a piece of furniture from Craig's List, and I finally got the chance a couple weeks ago.  In our office/guest room/craft room/storage area we have to take advantage of the space we have.  In my last place I had a bunch of room for all my craft stuff and not so much in our new place.  We have plenty of closet space but not cabinet space {Tall Tan Man thinks we have plenty and I don't :) }.  This makes organizing smaller things difficult.  I had been trolling Denver Craig's List for weeks and I think Tall Tan Man was starting to worry about my obsession.  Don't you hate when you have exactly what you want in mind but can't find it?  Well, when I saw this beauty I knew I had found it...

This cabinet was only $30, woo hoo!  When I went to pick it up my first thought was "oh crap, that's bigger than I thought...I might be in trouble."  Needless to say, I carried that bad boy up two flights of stairs all by myself so TTM could see how perfectly it fit.  haha I'm weird. 

Alright let's get to how I updated this cabinet:

1.  I removed {and disposed} of all the hardware, and I took off the doors and drawers.  Unfortunately, I had to get a new door cut because one of them was warped badly...

2.  We filled all the random holes with wood filler.

3.  Gave the cabinet a good sanding.  

4.  Then I followed my directions {here} on how to paint it. I used Behr Dark Granite.

5.  Put the doors back on and added the hardware.  

In total this project took just a few days, and the only hard part was being patient and letting the paint dry.  I added a little pzazz by modpodging some wrapping paper in the drawers.  

 Here is the cost break down:

Cabinet: $30
Paint and brushes: $17
Hardware: $18
New Wood for door: $13
Wrapping Paper: $4

Total Cost: $82
This is waaay cheaper than all the cabinets I was looking to buy that were brand new.  I am super pumped that I just checked "criag's list upgrade" off my DIY bucket list. Now I am on to fixing up my old desk and chair. 

 These projects might take a while... football starts next weekend, aka priorities change.  Speaking of football, I updated our chalkboard!

I love Oklahoma football and our day bed from World Market {not equally of course, football is way more important}.  Hope y'all have a great week, and I hope that teaching and crossfitting don't dominate me like they did last week!



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