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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kitchen Menu Sign

Hi y'all!  Tall Tan Man and I have been working hard on finishing up our apartment {it has only taken us 3 months}.  I had seen chalkboard menus before, and thought we had the perfect spot in our kitchen for one.  Tall Tan Man was okay with the idea because it was functional, and he is always interested in what I am cooking.  Or if I was even cooking... 

I got two of the cheapest frames from Hobby Lobby, on sale of course, and thought they looked a little to country for us.  

I took the frames and painted them with Behr Dark Granite, and painted one of glasses with chalkboard paint {make sure you go over the chalkboard once or twice with chalk before writing on it}.  I took out the glass from the other frame, and replaced it with an old cork board I cut down. 

I know all my you might be thinking, "she is cooking some faaancy food."  Well, that was not my normal until I was introduced to EMEALS.  It is a website that you can subscribe to, and they send out weekly menus {grocery list included = awesome}. I am only on my second week and so far so good!  

Hope you have a fabulous week!  Colorado is getting a cool down, so I might break out my riding boots! :) 


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