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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hot Cocoa Mix {Winter Wedding Favors}

Since moving to Colorado my need for hot drinks has increased exponentially.    I started using my seat heater in September, winter coat in October, and have the fire constantly on in December.  I love hot drinks when I am feeling chilly.  This is my favorite hot cocoa mix, and I have been drinking it for over a month now.  My fabulous Aunt Shelli made this for my family back in high school {almost a decade ago...}.  Since then this has been my go to hot cocoa.  This is great for Christmas gifts for neighbors, coworkers, the mail man, or a teacher. When we set our wedding date for early February hot cocoa favors were the first thing to get checked of my wedding to do list. 

Caroline Jurgensen Photography

This was a fun project!  I got the jars at Ace Hardware.  I did my research and that is where they were the cheapest.  Here are the ingredients you will need {get a bigger Nesquik than the one that is pictured}:

I made this recipe card on picmonkey :)

When I made this for our wedding I bought much larger sizes of everything.  I used a large funnel to put these together.  Each batch makes about 8 pint sized jars filled 2/3 full. 

Hope you are staying warm!


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