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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hi ya’ll!  The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is TOMORROW... You know it wouldn’t be so hard to go back if I didn’t have two months off...  Haha I’m kidding, kind of.  I spent most of last week in Nashville, and my parents and I had so much fun!  We ate at lots of good places and did some cool things.  If you decide to go to Nashville here are some of my recommendations and tips.

Eating {most important part, right?}


Loveless Cafe

Loveless came recommended to us from the hotel lobby pamphlet section.  I was a little skeptical but then Queen Martha recommended so we decided to give it a try.  It was pretty far out of town.  It took us about 35 minutes to get there from our hotel.  I loved the atmosphere of the old house it was in and they immediately brought us biscuits.  I loooove biscuits.  The biscuits were good and we got omelets, which were also yummy.  My Mom got a side of hashbrown casserole, which I definitely recommend!    If your looking for Grandma’s cooking in Nashville then this is your place! 


 When you google best breakfast in Nashville the Pancake Pantry is one of the first options that pops up.  We decided to head over there on Monday morning at about 10 am and the line was sooo long.  My Dad said “no breakfast is that good.”  I love him.  We decided to walk around the Hillsboro area to see if there was another place and we found Fido’s.  This place was a lot less commercialized, a little hipster and NO line.  My Mom and I split a breakfast scramble and whole grain banana pancakes.  SO GOOD.  I couldn’t stop eating.  I can’t imagine the Pancake Pantry being any better.  The cappuccinos were also pretty spectacular and pretty. 
Cracker barrel 
Within walking distance to our hotel… Nuf said. 


  This restaurant is right downtown and came recommended to us by a local.  The atmosphere was great and there is live music later on a night.  I was excited because the menu items looked unique and yummy, but they weren’t… I got the BBQ sliders, my Mom got the baked chicken, and my Dad got a gouda mac and cheese with pulled pork.  Everything was either mediocre or if I am being honest bad.  Such a disappointment!  Even the sides were bad!  This was definitely our worst dining experience in Nashville. 
Caney Fork  
The restaurant was also walking distance to our hotel so we went there twice.  I got ribs both times and my Mom got the catfish.  These were both the items they were known for.  I thought my ribs were awesome!  The key lime pie and the chocolate peanut butter pie were also yummy. 

Random Bar Downtown 
 This place looked dingy and I was sure it was going to be bad bar food.  I was sure surprised when my pulled pork sandwhich was outstanding!  Wish I would of gotten the name!


Tree Top Zip Line  

This was my favorite thing we did!  I felt like I was back at camp!  We found this place online and were able to get discounted tickets {$35 each} and it took us about 3 hours to complete the three courses.  I love activities that involve working up a little bit of sweat and this one delivered.  There were a bunch of obstacles and some were more challenging than others.  I had so much fun doing this with my parents.  My Dad did say “I would not of done that if I would of known it was THAT hard.”   I would not say it was super physically demanding, but there were 3 obstacles that were challenging.  This helped balance all the good eating we did. 

Downtown Franklin

Franklin is a about 20ish minutes south of downtown.  The main reason we went there was because it was on the way to a winery.  Downtown was super cute with lots of little shops.   My favorite was the fudge shop.  Of course. 

Arrington Winery  
This winery is about 40 minutes of town.  We had never been to a winery and Kix Brooks was the owner so we thought why not.  The vineyard is really beautiful with a huge deck and friendly workers.  I had no idea what half of the stuff our guide was telling us {nose? Legs? Flowery?}, but the wine was good!  You can take your wine samples outside to the deck or picnic tables if you don’t want to hear the whole shpel. 
I don’t golf, but I do shop.  My Dad does not shop, but he does golf.  We dropped my Dad off at Gaylord Springs Golf Links.  He thought course was really nice and not too crowded.  Yep, that’s all I got. 

Hilsboro Village
 This is where we went to Fido’s.  It is really close to Vanderbilt University.  There is was about 6 boutique shops that had cute clothes. 
 This is the bar we went to when were downtown.  I am sure some people have strong opinions on which ones are better than others.  All I cared about was listening to some country music.  Tootsies had a 3rd floor patio, which was nice.  We went there on Saturday night and also on Monday at about 6.  The Monday crowd was a little more enjoyable chill. 

Grand Ole Opry

We had not planned on going to the Grand Ole Opry, I don’t know why.  Tall Tan Man’s friend found out we were in town and pulled some strings and got us VIP at the Opry!  It was SO AWESOME!  We got to sit on the pews that are the stage and see all the backstage happenings.   This was definitely a major highlight of our trip!  Thanks Keith!!

It is safe to say my obsession with the show Nashville is even stronger now.  We had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back in 3 weeks for a wedding!  Now I better head to bed.  I have this thing I have to use now and it wakes me up real early.  Oh hello alarm, I haven’t missed you. 


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