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Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY Concrete Desktop

 Hi friends!  If you follow me on instagram then you know I have been a LITTLE busy working on our kitchen.  I have been covered in dust, paint, and dirt for the past four days.  Painting our kitchen cabinets is definitely the biggest {& most exhausting} project I have ever done.  Now we are just waiting for everything to cure before we put all the cabinets and drawers back... tick tock tick tock... 

Last summer, {yes, last summer},  I decided I wanted to make an outdoor table with a concrete tabletop.  Here was my inspiration from {Pottery Barn}:

 There was NO way I was going to spend $2000 on an outdoor table.  I ended up making the concrete tabletop while we had a covered patio in our rental, and then two weeks later our 11th house offer was accepted. I love our house but we do not have a covered patio, and that is is why we now have a concrete top desk.  I am always an over-sharer.  I used tutorials from {Little Green Notebook} and {Kara Paslay} as my guides during this projects.

DIY Concrete Tabletop


Hollow Door
Putty Knife
Concrete Trowel {like this, I tried a drywall knife but I didn't like it}
Big Sponge
Sandpaper {60, 120, 220}
Concrete Sealer & Brush

*You will need to find a local distributor. 

First, rough up your door with the 60 grit sandpaper.  Now mix up the concrete according to the package.  I added a little bit of extra water to help with the consistency. 

Next I added the concrete to the door with the drywall knife. I was a little bit nervous using concrete, but it was very easy to work with!  On the third round I discovered using a concrete trowel was MUCH EASIER.  Goodbye, drywall knife... 

After your concrete dries you want to sand the table until it is smooth using the 120 grit sandpaper.  Now add your second coat of concrete and this time cover the edges. Make sure you use a putty knife on the bottom of the table to get a somewhat clean edge. :)  ***I was still using the drywall knife but I should of been using a trowel and sponge. 

Use your 120 sandpaper again until the concrete smooths out again.  On the third round of concrete Tall Tan Man's cousin taught me a MUCH better way to spread concrete.  First off, don't be afraid to add more water directly onto the table.  Second, use a sponge!  Holy cow, this project just got a million times more AWESOME!

Now you can leave the texture from the sponge or you can go over the table with 220 grit sandpaper.  Lastly, seal your table with concrete sealer twice. 

This might be one of my favorite projects, ever!  If there is ever a next time I would definitely use the sponge on all three applications of concrete.  I would also not be as afraid of pouring water on the table except during the first application.   

One last thing I want to mention is that the concrete has character.  Originally I wanted an even gray finish, but that is just not how this concrete works. I ended up loving how the table looked!

I hope you are having a great week!  I am headed up to the mountains to see some of my favorite people!  Wooo hooo


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  1. Nice! I've bought the Ardex and now I just need to get on the ball and do it! Where did you buy your sealer from?

  2. I got it at Home Depot. It is in the concrete section near all the lumber! I had a hard time finding it... What are you making? :)

  3. So keeping this in mind when I get to fixing up my office! Love it! Good job!!!

  4. Wow! I am fascinated by this look, really looks amazing!

  5. It looks fantastic, you did a great job! I would love sitting down and getting things accomplished at this desk. I love the modern industrial look.

  6. Thanks! I want to cover our master bathroom vanity. After seeing that PB table, I want to make one for our patio now!

  7. This turned out wonderful! I really like that you upcycled that hollow door. It makes the desktop nice and thick, as opposed to what you would have gotten from plywood. I took a class in December to learn how to make countertops (check them out below, I'm even blown away) so I've really gotten into concrete projects lately. I'm planning to do both bathroom vanity tops at my parents' house, one a solid concrete top and the other I wanted to try the feather finish technique, but using Rapid Set instead. I'm also thinking of adding some color to that mix. It's always scary though trying something new. :-)

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