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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Why not?! {Grilled Donuts}

There comes a time every school year that most teachers develop the "why not" attitude.  Here are some wonderful examples:

a.  Student - "Can I write in bright yellow highlighter on my quiz?  I don't have anything else."
     Teacher - "Why not?!"

b.  Student - "Can I go to the restroom for the third time?"
     Teacher - Why not?!"

c.  Student - "Can I listen to music while you teach a lesson if I promise to be quiet?"
    Teacher - Why not?!"

d.   Student - "Can I tweet out a message to see if anyone has fake eyelash glue?"
   Teacher -  Why Not?!"

Can you guess which ones of those is actually something I allowed??!  Yep, it was D.  Pretty serious stuff those fake eyelashes.   I didn't have someone write in yellow was orange. 

Battles, pick your battles. 

I am super excited that summer is around the corner, because that means it's grilling season.  Tall Tan Man got a grill for his birthday and I don't know who was more excited, me or him!

Smokin' hot... :)  We had some family in town and decided to grill up some sausage {which is a great appetizer btw} and donuts.  I know what you are thinking "why donuts?" My response - "why not?!"

I picked up some glazed donuts from a grocery store and TTM grilled them for about 3 minutes on both sides.  Be careful not to grill them to long, because you don't loose ANY of the glaze.  

Let them rest for a second so you don't burn the heck out of your mouth.  They turned out pretty frickin' fantastic if you ask me.  I can't give Tall Tan Man all the credit...check out his adorable sous chef.  

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  My summer countdown is 26 days...I can do this... I am the boss... Yes, you have homework...  Please sit down... Stop texting your "Mom"



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  1. Genius. I've never thought of grilling donuts before but it sounds absolutely delicious. I've been itching to make some fresh donuts recently and now I have the perfect excuse. As soon as the bf and I get back from our trip we are definitely going to have a bbq with grilled donuts on the menu.

  2. I'm at the "why not" part of the year too... I suspect we will be eating doughnuts for dinner in the near future. I've never thought of grilling them before though!

  3. I'm definitely filing this one under..."Who knew?!?!" I would have never thought about this because I would have assumed that the sugar on the doughnut would have burned too easily. Great to know!


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