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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our {almost finished} Nursery

I cannot believe my due date is a month from this Saturday.  I feel like it has totally snuck up on me! Our nursery is about 90% finished... Well, we don't have a crib so maybe I should say about 70% done.  :)

This is the view from our room into the nursery {no baseboards in the bedrooms yet...}.

The crib is going right there once it comes in stock at Ikea!  I might of cried when I saw that is was not going to be in stock until January 21st.  Nothing like cutting things a little close.  :(  For above the crib I found this:

I originally wanted his name above the crib, but we still haven't picked a name.   No big deal, right?! The wooden arrow pallet is a Hobby Lobby clearance find.  I like the baby blue but it blends in too much with the wall so I am thinking it will be painted a distressed white.  Alright, onto the almost finished parts of the nursery.

All the artwork is from Hobby Lobby.

I LOVE our curtains.  One word, tablecloth.  A couple months ago I was looking through the fall clearance section at Target and found 3 of these tablecloths.  I could not believe they were only $13!!!  This was way cheaper than all the ones I had been looking at on Etsy.  The only problem was I needed four panels.  I thought to myself no big deal, if this Target has three another Target will have at least one... 9 Targets later I found another one.   If only there was video of me finding the last one... I am pretty sure I held my arms up in celebration, holding the tablecloth of course, for a good minute.  I am sure everyone thought it was just crazy pregnancy hormones... haha

We DIYed our rocker and I will be posting about that next week.  It was a super easy DIY that fits perfect in our tiny room.  :)

Our dresser is from Ikea and I love it!  It is large and has plenty of space to be used as a changing table.  I will probably steal it from Little Man when he no longer needs a changing table. 

So what do you think 70% or 90% done???  I definitely have some more work to do in the next month... I might end up painting the red table oil rubbed bronze and doing something different with the peg board because I don't love it.  I am a little crazy these days so you'll just have to wait to see {I cried for 5 minutes tonight when I kicked the coffee table, not normal}!  Let me know if you want any other sources.  :)

Merry almost Christmas!


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