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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentines Oreo Hearts

Happy {almost} Valentines!  These Oreo Hearts would make a perfect dessert for your favorite shmookums.  When I was making {Oreo Footballs} for the Super Bowl I realized the cookies were HUGE!  I had a little bit of the Oreo mixture left so I decided to make bite sized hearts instead.  The worst part of these cookies is that you can eat 10 of them before breakfast and not even realize it... 


Since I posted the {recipe} last week, I decided I wouldn't share it again, but I would share a couple tips on dipping the hearts.  The hearts were a million times easier to dip than the footballs!!!  Once you take the frozen hearts out of the freezer poke them with a toothpick, and dip the heart.

As you take the heart out of the chocolate make sure you tilt it with the point down.  This will make the chocolate stay smooth.

 If you are using sprinkles make sure to apply them right away!

Here are two other Valentines desserts that will not disappoint.  :)

I hope you have fabulous week, and a weekend full of baking! 


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