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Friday, May 19, 2017

Mack is 16 Months Old!!!

This basket will not be containing Mack much longer!  This crazy boy is keeping us on our toes and I cannot imagine a sweeter toddler {not counting the hours before 7am and between 4-6pm}.  I've learned that when you're in a good season with a baby you better enjoy it because new teeth, a cold, and/or a growth spurt are around the corner.  We are in good spot right now which means my barista is probably missing me and I don't need massive amounts of under eye concealer!!! 

If you can't tell, I decided not to buy new winter clothes during our May 18th snow storm... #hellobelly #imisstexas

Mack runs everywhere and I love hearing his little feet on our wood floors.  We have already gone through 3 sizes of shoes and all I ask is that he waits a while before he is a size 14 {like Dad}.  He likes to hold my hand and pinch my neck skin {gross}.  Pasta, pasta, and pasta are his favorite foods. Maybe if I let him eat that every meal he might get out of the 40th percentile.  Mack still loves to play in toilet water, go to the park, and explore our backyard.  He still isn't talking... Mama {not dada, sorry Tall Tan Man}, this, that, and Amen are his only words.   Laughing is his method of getting someone's attention which can be hilarious when people try ignore him.  He just gets louder and louder then reaches for them to hold him.  This child knows no stranger.     

So thankful for the weekend and my Momma coming in town today!  I was flying solo this week which means no cooking, cleaning, or shaving.  TMI?  Never.   


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