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Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Latest Obsessions from Trader Joes

Happy Monday!  Tall Tan Man and I just had a wonderful {baby free} weekend in the mountains.  Two words, hot coffee!  If you missed my Insta story from last week I had quiet the "incident" at Trader Joe's.  Let's just say shorts + melted chocolate + public place = embarrassment.  If you know me I am a big time optimist, so I am really hoping that no one noticed the brown substance smeared on my thighs...  

Anyone else ever had that happen to them?  anyone? anyone?  

I digress, even with my "incident" I don't think I could stay away from Trader Joe's.  This is the second closest grocery store to our house and it is next door to Starbucks and Homegoods.  I AM TOO WEAK TO STAY AWAY!  


Lately we have been stuck in a meal rut...  Does that ever happen to you?  Looking in the frig is like looking in my closest, I don't like any of this!!!  Here are just a couple things that are making my daily life easier.  

First off, BREAKFAST!  This is definitely our favorite meal of the day.  I think if Mack could talk he would also agree with me on that.  We are pretty regular egg eaters and I think TJ's eggs not only taste great but are also priced great.  Same thing with their Turkey Bacon, awesome price compared to our regular grocery store!  On days we don't do eggs I love this frozen oatmeal because it is fast and not too high in sugar.  Mack loves those pancakes and so do i... Lastly, well, coffee is coffee and during the summer I'm all about iced coffee.  :)

Does anyone else struggle with lunch?? I feel like I scrounge something together then finish Mack's food.  I decided I need a change and picked up this southwest chopped salad.  SO SO SO GOOD!  I usually have Tall Tan Man grill extra chicken on the weekend for me to put on this.  The salad dressing that comes with this is super yummy but if I am trying to be extra healthy I just use salsa or this balsamic vinaigrette.  Have you every heard of mini cucumbers?  I hadn't but they are the perfect size for me to slice up one and Mack also likes them.  

Oh dinner, how I love to just order pizza or pei wei...  I am trying to be better about not picking up takeout during the week.  This Kung Pao Chicken is so yummy and SPICY.  Which I love.  I usually just serve it with rice.  The fire roasted peppers and onions make fajita/taco night so much easier and I love the flavor of them.  The only problem I have had with them is when I have forgotten to make them...  #mombrain Lastly, I've got to be real honest with y'all, I just bought the Turkey Bolognese.  I am actually making it for dinner tonight.  I'll let you know how it is!

I swear the testing station at Trader Joe's MAKES ME make bad decisions.  Those chocolate chip cookies are UNREAL.  Especially if they are paired with ice cream.  You should definitely not buy them right before a beach vacation...  I can drink this lemonade like water in the summer and Mack loves those mini cheese sandwiches.  They have to be good for him because they are organic, right?!

Last thing I wanted to share was their cards.  I bet you were thinking I would talk about their flowers... but by now I think everyone knows how awesome their flowers are.  All of their cards are $.99 which is waaaaaaaaay cheaper than paying $4.99 for a card that will most likely be thrown out after a couple weeks.  And they are so pretty!  

What are some of your Trader Joe's staples?  I'd love the hear them! 


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