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Friday, July 7, 2017

More Progress on our Curb Appeal

I cannot believe our house looked like such a jungle when we moved in!  A jungle with a million pavers...  I've learned a couple things about landscaping.  Number One - I hate yard work.  Number Two - I'm terrible at it.  Number Three - Landscaping is a process and not instantly perfect.  Last time I shared our curb appeal this is where we were:

and this is where we are now!

Since then we added house numbers, sod, flower beds, mulch, and started landscaping.  We did all the work ourselves and even though it was tough work {and I have the tan lines to prove it} it saved us a bunch of money.  

Looking back on the process I do wish I would of done 2 things differently.  First things first, my mulch color is way too ORANGE than I would prefer.  My neighbor has the same mulch color and I really like it, but turns out it is 5+ years old. Unless it is Sunday and I am cheering for the Broncos, I want no orange in my life.  I was wanting more of a cedar brown and I'm hoping that the mulch fades faster than it is supposed to!  My second regret was not hiring a landscaper to develop a plan for me.  I thought designing our landscaping would be easy peasy.  I love decorating so picking out shrubs should be easy, right?! Ugh, this was such a struggle and I'm not completely happy with how it turned out.  Lesson learned.  

Our porch railing is my favorite part of the transformation.  Tall Tan Man is my hero!

The next project for our front yard is doing something with this chain link fence.  I'm thinking that removing the red plastic inserts will be a good start!


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