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Monday, August 28, 2017

Flying Solo with a Baby/Toddler

Oh how I miss reading magazines and sipping iced coffee while flying.  Those days seem like forever ago.  This will sound terrible but don't you think you should be able to check your baby?  Maybe Southwest could provide childcare below deck with the luggage? I think this could deescalate all the tension on flights... All in favor say, yes! YES YES YES!  While we wait for Southwest to implement that let's chat about things I've learned while flying with a baby.  I'm a little embarrassed to say this but Mack and I have flown 9 times.  You might think I'm a pro but last flight Mack almost broke someones laptop by catapulting a play radio over my head.  From that I've learned to not bring toys that are easily thrown.  #boymom  

1.  Always ask if the flight is full.  If it isn't they will usually allow you to bring on your carseat.  Even if you don't travel with a carseat this is still useful information because you want your "lap child" to have their own seat.  On many of our flights they said that the flight is full but I keep Mack "playing" in the middle seat until they force me to hold him.  I know this is a little shady but on almost every "full" flight Mack get's his own seat.  Now does he sit in it? Not usually, but then I don't have to worry about him stroking the arm of the person next to me.  #ithappened #thankgoodnessfornicepeople

2.  Sit behind kids or shorter people {especially if your little one is 1+}.  I had to learn this one the hard way... Mack has a real hard time sitting and wants to be standing on my lap.  If the person in front of you is tall then there is a good chance their hair will be pulled.  Now Mack doesn't straight up pull people's hair {yet} but when he reaches up on their head rest their hair gets pulled.  I've also realized that kids don't complain about their seat getting kicked/pushed.  

3.  Bring your own water on the plane.  No, I am not that granola of a person to not trust plane water... I do this because it can take up to 45 minutes for the flight attendant to bring you your drink.  and at that point you and your child might be losing your mind #speakingfromexperience Drinking water helps keep Mack busy and the sucking helps with his ears {I think}.  I also really push Mack to use his Paci on the plane.  

4.  Get there early.  Now this one is the same for me pre baby.  I am the ultimate dork when it comes to flying.  I want to be there 2 hours early on the dot or I start to sweat profusely. I found with Mack that it is nice for us to have plenty of time to grab a snack/meal and for him to walk sprint around.  You also need to have time for a diaper change & to gate check your stroller/carseat.  

5.  If you have a newborn, you can probably just chill out.  Sit next to the wings, give that baby some milk, and put them to sleep.  Traveling with baby once their walking is a totally different ballgame.  

6.  I bring my BOB jogger because it is a million times nicer than my umbrella stroller.  It is big and doesn't fit through the x ray machine, but they just do a swab test on it.  I fly southwest 90% of the time but if you fly American and they won't allow heavy jogging strollers.  boooo 

7.  It has been easiest for me to carry a diaper bag and small side purse for my wallet, phone, and tickets.  It makes me feel better that all the important stuff is in one place on me.  I did the backpack thing and it was nice to have my hands but hard to get stuff out of it.  

I feel like I need a to add a disclaimer. Babies are all so different and these are just some of the things that work for me.  We don't do the iPad yet, I'm thinking that might make things easier.  Right now we are sticking to putting gummy bears in water bottles and trying to not lick the arm rests... What tips do you have? I'd love anything that makes traveling with little ones easier!  

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