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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Updating an Ikea Kids Tool Table + Almost Done Playroom!

This might make me sound like a terrible mom.... but one of the greatest feelings is when Mack spends the night at his Grammie's house and I get to sleep in/drink hot coffee!  Well, it probably isn't the greatest feeling of all time but it sure does feel wonderful right now.  Our playroom is getting so close to being finished.  Sometimes my creative process can be so slow and pregnancy doesn't help my brain functioning.  :)  

We have been using our playroom so much and it has really been wonderful.  I feel like it keeps our toys contained to one room and the rest of our house more picked up.  For Mack's 2nd birthday we found an Ikea Kids Tool Table on facebook marketplace.  They were asking $40 and I did my normal by offering half... I almost always offer half of the asking price and they accepted!  The only problem is the blue was too blue for me. 
This was an easy fix because the blue legs are removable.  It actually made the table a better height for Mack.  Then I spray painted the peg board with a dark gray spray paint I already had.   
Now it fits the look I was going for so much better!  I added a vintage chalkboard I found at my Grandad's shop {I lucked out BIG time with that find} and a PLAY marquee sign from Target.  Mack loves to draw us "pictures" and he can't reach the on and off switch of the sign yet!  #winning  Here are some more looks from the room:

So far I've only spent $180 on this room {which I feel like is pretty impressive...} and I only need one more piece of art for a blank wall next to the daybed.   If you have any brilliant and cheap ideas send them my way!  I hope y'all have a great weekend!  

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