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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

One Room Challenge {W6}: "Finished" Laundry Room

Hey, hey, hey!!!  Our LAUNDRY ROOM is "FINISHED!"  If I am being honest I did not think we were going to make it... and well, we technically didn't quiet finish everything.  The room is pretty well done minus finalizing a few projects.  Before I get to those I will share what we did finish!  

I am so excited about this cabinet that Tall Tan Man built!  He made it out of plywood and an upper cabinet we pulled out of our kitchen when we remodeled.  The old laundry room didn't have any counter space so this feels like I am at the Ritz!  

We attached the new countertop to the shelf that goes over the washer/dryer.  This was an easy fix to hide all the ugliness behind there!

We painted the floor with wood/concrete paint from Sherwin Williams which was such an easy fix.  The ceiling also got painted but still needs the faux beams installed to cover the drywall seams.  I also got a rug which I wanted to return but couldn't because it got some water damage when I flooded the room...  whoops!  

Here are some before and afters because this is everyones favorite thing to see!

View from the playroom:

Washer and Dryer:

Old Organization System:

Other than finishing the ceiling; we still need to fix one electrical box, add baseboards, install hardware to my new cabinet, fix the edge of the platform under the laundry baskets, and a couple paint touchups!  I'd say we are about 93% done.  

Here is the final budget breakdown:

2 boxes of Spackle : $26
Particle Boards: $20
Total Cabinet Costs: $79
Paint Cost: $24
Wallpaper: $15
Engineer Print: $28
Pegboard: $19
Pegboard Decor: $23
Cabinet Extension Cost: $15
Wood for Open Shelves: $16
Hooks/Brakets: $12
Light Fixture: $24
Decor: $89
Electrical Outlets: $6
Plywood For Cabinet: $50
Countertop: $36
Floor Paint: $16
Laundry Baskets: $50
Vase: $20
Rug: $80

Total:  $648

We were originally shooting for a budget of $500 which we definitely missed.  If I could return the rug I would!  Now I know when Tall Tan Man reads this he will think "well, you could return the vase... mirror...laundry baskets..."  I am sorry honey, Target no longer accepts returns!  ;)  Crazy, I know!  

So, what do you think?  Do you think I'll enjoy doing laundry now that I have a pretty room to do it in?  I'll have to get back to you on that one!  

One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 6
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