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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

One Room Challenge {W3}: Craft Closet

Hiii!  I can't believe I am already half way through the Fall One Room Challenge and I only have the closet finished... 😅  Y'all, it feels so good to clean out this room.  Our basement has been a hot mess since we moved in {4+ years ago} and it is about time we get things organized.  

Yep, that's the same room.  Up until 3 weeks ago this closet still had packed boxes from when we thought we were moving this summer.  My craft stuff was all over the house and super disorganized.  I thought this closet would be the perfect spot to put all my craft stuff or "crap" stuff according to Tall Tan Man.  😂  This space includes 3 DIY projects.  Up first is the desk...

I redid the desk for the second time in {2013}, so this is actually its 4th look!  I have had this desk since middle school and I still love its shape.  

I used paint we already had so all this project took was time.  I'm really digging the all white look... now I just have to keep my 2 year old far away from it.  Up next is the gold metal shelves which is my favorite part of the closet!  

the before...

We already had this {ikea shelf}, but it wasn't the look I was going for!  Using {this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess} I painted the shelf and the key is letting the paint cure for as long as possible.  

I picked up the white boxes from Hobby Lobby for $2.50 each and finally got my craft supplies organized.  Does that make me sound as nerdy as I think it does?!  

The last project I did in the closet was making a cork board.

the before...

and after!

 This DIY did not turn out as good as I had hoped... At some point I want to replace the roll of cork for a new cork insert.  I've always wanted a cork board to put my favorite ideas from magazines.  I know that is so 2002 and there is Pinterest now, but I will always love magazines!  The roll of cork was difficult to work with.  There are bubbles, discoloration and my pins barely go in to the board.  But it'll do for now! 

  Alright, that's it for week 3!  I am so excited to have a craft space for the holidays because that's when I craft the most!  I'll see y'all again next with hopefully something good.  I might need to go on an 8 mile run to get some good ideas for the rest of the room....

One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 6

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