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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

5 Month Old Levi

Levi turned 6 months {how is that even possible?!} on Saturday, so I decided I better get to sharing his 5 month pictures.  I am on top of taking the pictures on time, but getting them uploaded and writing a post is another story... 

We have officially entered the phase where the pictures get blurry because Levi loves to wiggle!  Physically he doesn't seem much bigger from 4-5 months but he is definitley changing up in that dome of his {90th percentile head circumference}.  

Levi is such a happy baby unless he's tired or bored of a toy.   He will try to fight a toy he's bored of...  Unlike his brother, he rarely rolls over.  I'm trying to be that "relaxed, second time parent" and not google "what does it mean if your kid won't roll over?"... I'm convinced he just doesn't want to.  He has done it a handful of times but doesn't really seem that interested in moving around.  I should enjoy it while I can, right?!?

I know he is going to end up being the most active child alive because right now I get to tell people he is so chill and easy going.  😆  Levi loves sucking on his fingers and toes, and had been sleeping through the night for about 4 weeks... until the day Tall Tan Man went out of town.  #gofigure  I'm hoping it's because of the 6 month growth spurt or teeth, because this Mom is having a hard time.  

He's really hard to get mad at because that last picture is what he looks like at 3AM.  Levi's 6 month pictures might be tricky to take because I use that basket as my tree skirt.  😂  Do you think I can lift the tree alone without breaking any ornaments?  I should only try it if I can get Mack to video it...  

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and hopefully I'll be back this week to share my dresser refinishing tutorial!

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