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Friday, March 1, 2019

8 Month Old Levi

How in the world is it already March?!  2019 seems to be blazing by and at the same time this winter seems never ending...  Every winter Sean thinks I've lost my mind because "I'm not acting like myself."  Well honey, this Texas girl thinks spring starts in February and for some reason that's not how Colorado works... 😭  Thankfully #fingerscrossed Levi has been healthy and happy!  We went to the doctor yesterday and he is 29.5 inches long and 18ish lbs.  He's pretty much Mack 2.0 when it comes to being long and lean.

8 months and 27 daysssssss

Levi has started eating more solids this month.  Praise the Lord, I can see the end of breastfeeding!  He loves peanut butter, graham crackers, and eating pouches by himself.  

I had to ask the doctor about him not really wanting to move STILL.  I feel like I have said this for 3 months but I am trying to not FREAK OUT about him not moving.  Maybe he is lazy?  Or content?  Content is a better word.  😂  I thought Mack was normal but I am beginning to think {thanks to Dr Google} he was advanced in the gross motor department.  It is just really hard because Levi is acting like Mack did at 6 months.  Like I can leave him on the bed and not worry about him crawling/rolling off... I told Sean if nothing has changed by 10.5 months I'll probably have him evaluated...  I'm just praying that he all of a sudden decides he wants to get moving.  

I'll probably regret that statement someday... 🙏

I've already started brainstorming Levi's 1st birthday and it will be his golden birthday {June 1st}!  Have you seen any cute gold boy birthday parties?  Glittler just seems to girly for me... Help!

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