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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

One Room Challenge {W5}: Almost Done!

Hi friends!  October felt like the slowest month in a long time...  a slow month where being productive felt almost impossible.  I am so thankful for all the kind messages I received about losing my MIL.  We are all still in shock and dealing with grief is awful/hard/strange.  

I am patting myself on the back for getting another part of this room finished.  DIY is definitely therapeutic for me, along with working out and eat a ridiculous amount of cookies.  Here is a look back at what I've done:

Week 1: Playroom Inspo

Week 2: Playroom Cubbies

Week 3: DIY Playroom Art

This week I wanted to tackle the wall in the room that was really a wasted space.  Before:

The only part of this wall that was useful was the calendar.  I decided I could do better!

The grey shelf is the same shelf that was already on the wall and the chalkboard used to hang vertically on another wall in the room.  

So cute, right?!  I love this antique chalkboard.  The ream of butcher paper came from my Grandad's shop and I've already used it several times!

The hat rack and baskets will hold coloring supplies {all from Hobby Lobby}.  Any other Mommas have to have coloring supplies out of reach from their kids?  One kid will write on walls and the other one will eat the chalk... #youregoingtomissthis

One more week!  I'm semi freaking out because the plan I had all along might be not be working...

Check out all the other amazing rooms of the One Room Challenge {here}!

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