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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

One Room Challenge {W7}: City Maps DIY

Hi y'all!  From the beginning of this process one of my biggest goals has been to celebrate Sean's baseball career and life so far, in a not so cheesy way.  Each team Sean played for holds a special place in our hearts and I thought the best way to display that was by doing city maps!  

All 6 of these maps cost us under $100 dollars!  #stealofadeal He also has 2 other cities above his bookcase:

Anyone from Tucson AZ, TriCities WA, Ashville NC, Modesto CA, or Tulsa OK???  What about Brisbane, Australia??  That would be awesome!  The other two cities are Denver and Limon {announcers always said leeeeeeeemon colorado... its L-I-mon}.  The shop I used from Etsy says it can make any city you want into these maps{find the shop here}!  Alright, let's get to this DIY!  
This first thing you will need is a frame.  This determines the size of maps you get printed.  I used these frames from Hobby Lobby which were on clearance for $7!

Now I will tell you Hobby Lobby never intends their art to be changed out.  It was a beast to remove the mat and art from the frame.  But $7 is hard to beat...  I painted the frames with Fusion Mineral Paint, color Ash.  Here are some other frame options (keep in mind these are different sizes than mine... you could also do these in rectangular frames if you have higher ceilings!):

From Ikea!  The closest size to mine.

Amazon had sets with smaller frames!  

You could try album frames!  3 frames for $13 at Michaels!

Now let's talk about the prints!  I ordered mine off of Etsy at {this} shop.  You get all different sizes when you order your prints.  My "custom city map" took less than 30 minutes to get sent to me. After receiving my digital images I ordered my prints from Office Depot.  I tested a couple sizes of engineer prints to see which one would be closest to a 15"x15" map.  These prints are only about $3-5 each {printed on engineer paper} and the size 17"x22" came out almost exactly 15"x15"!  

I ended up putting the prints directly over the existing art with double stick tape.  Hobby Lobby made it impossible to remove the existing art... I don't think it is noticeable that the art isn't matted! 

That is it for week 6!  Next week I will be bring this DIY concrete lamp and a few more projects in the room! 

Be sure to check out the other amazing guest participants of One Room Challenge here:


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