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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Grey Side Table

I love love love this cute little side table!  I picked it up from my local thrift store for only $7 and the drawer was in perfect condition.  Win, win!  

but the top was another story...

Here is a quick recap of my refinishing process 👇

Side Table Makeover:

1.  Wood fill the old drawer pull holes {always overfill!} and cracks on the top.  

2.  Once wood filler has dried lightly sand entire piece with 150 grit sandpaper.  Make sure to smooth out all the wood filler.  

3.  Clean entire piece so there is no dust.  

4.  Using a roller and a cheap brush paint entire piece with an oil based primer.  

5.  Using a roller and then a nice brush paint entire piece with Fusion Mineral Paint in Goddess Ashwagandha.  2 coats.

6.  Wax entire piece once or twice until you have an even sheen.  

7.  Drill a new hole for the drawer pull {this pull is from Hobby Lobby}. 

Grey and gold is such a classic finish!  This is actually the second version of this table I have refinished. 

Funny story about the black table is the lady showed up with no way to pay me.  No cash... check... venmo...  It was pretty funny!  😂  She ended up calling her friend and they venmo'd us.  

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