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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Pink Desk

Hi y'all!  I think I might of just found the most perfect pink paint!  I cannot believe how cute this desk turned out.  😻  It started off a little rough around the edges and was in need of some serious love:

Over the last couple months I had a few people DM me suggesting I try {General Finishes Milk Paint}.  I am always game to try new types of paint because I have yet to find the perfect paint.  😏 When I started painting furniture I was convinced I had to use chalk paint {I thought that is what all the flippers used...}.   After disliking it for months I decided I should try something else #duh.  I have used all different kinds of paint... each has it's pros and cons but I definitely like General Finishes Milk Paint!  It is super thick, goes on smooth, and this pink color is perfect!  I can't wait to try some of their other colors!

Pink Desk

1.  Caulked all the gaps on the bottom trim and wood filled a few cracks on the top.  Sanded smooth. Removed hardware. 

2.   Wiped entire piece down with {Liquid Sandpaper}.

3.  {Rolled} entire piece with Ballet Pink.  Took 4 coats.  Looking back I wish I would of primed first because the blue was very difficult to cover.  I'm always Team Primer! 😆 

4. Added 2 coats of {Matte Polycrylic} with a nice brush.  

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