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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Cane Cabinet - Furniture Flip Challenge

This cabinet makeover was a part of the Furniture Flip Challenge and was such a fun makeover! Let me just start with how I got the cabinet.  I found it on Facebook Marketplace for $60 and was sure that I would paint it black on the outside and white on the inside.  I offered $40 and the seller told me it was already pending pick up.  I was SO bummed!  He messaged me the next day saying that it didn’t get picked up and I could have it!  Woohoo!  When I picked it up I was so surprised/sad that it was missing a glass pane.  Of course I didn’t say anything because I am so awkward at pick ups (I am getting better though!)…  We load the cabinet and I get back in the truck and look at the listing.  Not only is it obvious the glass is missing in the picture but the description had included that info.  I was so embarrassed!  Such a rookie move!  The cabinet sat in my laundry room for months because a) it was missing a glass pane b) I really didn’t know if I liked my original idea.  Avoiding hard projects, that is me!  

I registered for the flip challenge and began looking for a piece to work on.  I. Found. Nothing.  There was nothing I really liked on Marketplace/Craigslist/NextDoor or at any of the thrift stores.  I searched for a solid 2 weeks for something but finally decided this ugly cabinet was the winner.  

How in the world did I not notice that missing glass pane in the listing photo??  Turns out I'm thankful for that missing glass pane because it made me think way outside my normal comfort zone!  Up first I removed the ugly stone tiles.  I thought about painting them as is but I really didn’t think they fit the vibe I was going for!

I decided to try to strip the existing stain off.  I was planning on bleaching the wood and replacing the doors with cane.  I spent almost all of the first week stripping and sanding before I had a big ol’ oops on the last side I was working on.  I was trying to only lightly sand because I didn’t think it was solid wood (super heavy doesn’t always mean solid wood!).  Annnnnnnd I was right! MDF.  Sounds like a cuss word, right?  I sanded though the veneer on the last piece I needed to work on to see super ugly MDF.  I was SO bummed but also 100% relieved because I knew the piece would look beautiful white.  I think this is really what I wanted all along but I wanted to try something extra special for the challenge.  

I painted the piece first with an oil based primer because the raw wood would just drink up any paint I would put on it.  Next I rolled Fusion Mineral Paint color Picket Fence.  I did debate keeping the bottom raw (which is why it isn’t painted in the picture) but ultimately decided to keep it all white.  

It was finally time to deal with the empty tile spots.  I got some cheap pine boards from Lowe’s that were the correct depth and cut them to the correct size.  I painted them with primer/paint before inserting because I knew it would be hard to get the sides painted once they were glued in.  Then just put them in with little wood glue and they were done!  

I am pretty sure I waited to do the cane until the very end because I was 100% intimidated.  I ordered my cane from
Frank’s Cane and Rush Supply and it was about $60.  I first cut 1/4 inch boards to the same size as the glass panes and then the cane to the same size.  Using a staple gun I just started stapling around the edge.  One thing I learned is I should of done all of one side first (left or right) then pull the cane as tight as possible and staple the opposite side.  I ended up having to go back and remove staples and pull the cane tighter.  

I am so in love with how this cabinet turned out on the outside but I also love how functional it is!  In the back of my mind I always knew this cabinet would replace out existing entry table even though I had refinished it only 7 months ago.  

I spruced up the inside of the cabinet with wallpaper from
Tempaper!  Functional and pretty... that's how roll!  Well, that’s all folks! I had so much fun doing the Furniture Flip Challenge and was amazed by all the amazing Furniture Flippers out there!  Cane and white paint is my favorite combo right now and can’t wait to do more projects like this!

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