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Monday, October 10, 2022

Off White Buffet Makeover

Hi friends!  Let's chat about this makeover!  As far as projects go, this went as smooth as possible.  Can I get a heck yes?! 👏  I feel like every sixth project goes smoothly so I'll take it!  I purchased this buffet off of Facebook Marketplace a few months ago because of the kitchen table that came with it.  I have been on a new kitchen table search for YEARS!  That is not an exaggeration... unfortunately.  And as soon as my husband brought the table home I knew it wasn't right.  I guess I am a little picky. 😜 It was just too formal? plain? just. not. right.  Since I wasn't excited about it, I decided to list the table and chairs and sold them quickly for the same price I purchased the buffet/table/chairs.

Now here is what I needed for this makeover:

Krud Kutter
Liquid Sandpaper 
Spray Primer
Melange Paint - Paprie
Wood Bleach 

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Here is a breakdown of the process you can use:

1.  Clean entire piece with Krud Kutter 

2.  Sand the top down to the raw wood starting with 80 grit sandpaper followed by 120 then 220.  

3.  Fill any existing drawer pull holes that you will be changing with bondo.  Sand the body of the piece with 150 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface.  Go back and wipe the hard to reach places with Liquid Sandpaper.  It took 2 rounds of this to get the surface tacky enough so that I knew the paint would adhere.

4.  Tape the hinges, inside of the drawer pull holes, and the top.  I used a large sheet of butcher paper to cover the top.  Spray the body with the spray paint primer.  A few spray primer tips:  wear a mask, shake can for 2 minutes, spray about 12 inches away, and try to spray as continuously as possible.  

5.  Fill your sprayer with 16 oz of paint and add 2 tbsp of water.  Turn the sprayer to low and begin spraying.  Repeat 2-3 more times.

6.  Remove the paper from the top and make sure all dust is removed.  Follow the directions on the 2 step bleach.  Repeat as needed to get desired color.    

7.  Apply a 80% water/20% paint wash to the top of your piece.  Wipe off immediately or let sit,  then sand to achieve an even finish.  My finish was not perfectly even but my topcoat helped make it look more even.  

8. Put new hardware on!

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