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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adventures in the Texas League {Springdale, AR}

With my Tall Tan Man's occupation I do A LOT of driving.  This is mostly done all by myself, but to be honest I can entertain myself pretty well!  One of my road trip essentials is Braum's ice cream.  Did you know you can get a kids cup for only 86 cents? Well, I guess you do now.  Looking at this pictures makes me want to stop writing this post, and go get some ice cream...

The ballpark is located right next to this...

Some people found this strange, but I liked feeling in the middle of no where.  This pictures makes me want to go put on my cowgirl boots, and drink some sweet tea.  The ballpark was really nice, and had great ice cream (I am sensing a trend).

While Tall Tan Man goes to the field I am left with a little free time...well, more than a little.  I had an earlier post about going to take pictures with the FABULOUS Lyndsey Sullivan.   On another day, I went antique shopping and of course I was hungry and stopped at this cute little shop.  The cinnamon rolls reminded me of the ones my Mamaw made for every Christmas.  The sweet lady that made all of these goodies was working the register, and I really wanted to ask her to give me a baking lesson.  I refrained because she probably would think I was crazy.  Now that I think about it, she already thought I was a little crazy, because I asked her if it was okay to take pictures...I can't even imagine all baking secrets she must of had. 

One day for lunch Tall Tan Man and I went to Fayetville, home of the Arkansas Razorbacks {where my baby bro will be going to school very soon}!  We had some dam good pizza at Damgoode Pies.  This was located not too far from the campus.

After having yummy pizza we I was craving something sweet.  These are cupcakes from Bliss.  Tall Tan Man picked a cheesecake cupcake...It was divine.

Mine was good too, but not quiet as good as the Cheesecake. The top of mine was prettier, but I bet you can guess what happened...

Grace, peace, and be sure to enjoy some sweets (looks like I need to take a break from the sweets...)!



  1. yum yum, looks delicious. As much as you like sweets, it's a good thing you like to run. Sean must be starting to like more sweets, he has always been more of a fruit, meat, vegy kinda guy.That's probably my doing, I didn't give him many sweets as he grew up. I'd ask him if he wanted a treat, we would go into the kitchen and he would come out with a carrot. Brenda, who rented our basement, thought that was hilarious. Love to you, Vicki

  2. O my gosh! That is hilarious!!! He still doesn't love sweets...I think he eats them sometimes to make me happy :)


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