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Sunday, June 5, 2011

twenty five

I know I already had one birthday post, but I really LOVE birthdays.  My coworkers really love me.  How much you ask? This much {don't you worry...I cleaned it up}:  

What makes me even more happy about that picture is that I don't have to work at that desk for a long time {2.5 months}!  My birthday was really great.  Starbucks gave me a free drink!  This is not because I am really loved, and see my barista 3 times a week.  It is because I have a registered Starbucks card {you should really register a card}!

Tall Tan Man sent me these {I literally ran to the office when I got the "you have a delivery" email}:

I wont tell you how long it took me to eat these...fruit is healthy right?!  I will definitely recommend Edible Arrangements from now on.  These were ridiculously awesome.  I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week!  It is my first week of summer, and my baby bro graduates high school {I have only cried once about it}!   Do something corny this week. 

"I like corny.
I'm looking for corny in my life".

Grace, peace, and be sure to enjoy some sweets!


* Quote was from the movie The Holiday.  One of my top 5 most watched movies. I have stopped watching it with other people, because I quote it too much. 


  1. this is a test. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday, Leslie.

  2. looks like it worked. let's see, how do I get my name in here?

  3. hey! I am not sure who this is...I am sorry :( I think you need a gmail email or yahoo. Sorry...


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