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Monday, July 4, 2011

Adventures in the Texas League {Springfield, MO}

I mentioned in my last post why my blogging has suffered in the last couple weeks, but there are a few more reasons...My camera died, and the charger is in Dallas {you should be able to tell by the title why this is a problem}.  I can't blog without pictures.  I believe the pictures are the most important part, and writing to me is just boring {sorry English Teachers}.  Anyways, Springfield was an unique town to visit.  Here are some of the highlights:

The ballpark was great!  I have never seen AA fans get so into a game!

Last year when I visited Tall Tan Man and I went to Bass Pro.  Going to be honest...Probably won't be going back {not really my thing}.  I wasn't going to put this picture up, but I really love his facial expression.  :)

Onto my new discoveries.  There is a crepe place called Avairy.  I had the banana nutella crepe.  I felt like I was back in Paris.......

The decor was very anthro and girly.  Sorry I did not get more pictures.  I had about 4 seconds when I turned my camera on to take the picture {probably should of just bought a new charger}.

If you love antique shopping this is the place to go:

It was a great trip! Hope y'all had a relaxing 4th of July! 


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  1. Sean gives me that facial expression when I try to take his picture. Or else he puts his hand up just in time to get it in front of his face in the pic. Why is that? Tell your followers to put their pic in paint and resize it down tiny and it will then appear in your followers pictures.


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