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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Five States, 1 Day.

Well, it is here!!!!  BAHAMAS CRUISE TIME!  This is one thing I have been looking Forward To All Summer!  Our road trip started in Dallas, Texas, {with starbucks} then we got to experience the great state of Louisiana.

We were still really energized at this point...

Mississippi seemed to go by fast and before we knew it we were in...Sweet Home....Yes, this was authentic excitement.

Alabama was the state that we started to get a lil grumpy {or maybe it was just me}.  How did we handle this?  Starbucks treat receipt. This is when you buy one drink before 2 P.M. you can get any cold grande drink for only $2.  Love it!

So the starbucks helped for a while...The next state we entered was Georgia.

Oh wait.  That isn't a Georgia...That is because Georgia didn't have a sign...Lame.  When we got to Florida we were a little disappointed in their sign, but look what happened when we drove 100 more feet:

We didn't want to drive all the way through Georgia and not get a picture, so we pulled a U-E {shhhh} at the Florida state line {and then another u-e to get back on track}.

Time to go get ready to board the cruise!  Next stop....


p.s. I wrote this fast and furious so I am guessing there is about 7 grammar errors. 

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