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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, being a bridesmaid might be one of my favorite things to do...I wonder if being the bride will be a let down?  haha Let's hope not.  The next four awesome pictures are of the "bridesmaid besties".  My awesome friend SRT and I have been in four weddings together.  We are pretty much professional bridesmaids.  I feel like we could put out a personal ad: "Do you need two fun, no-drama, excellent dancing, prompt, and experienced bridesmaids?  Let Sarah and Leslie make your wedding day, a day you will never forget!"  Wow, I think I went a bit over board.  If you are still reading this {which surprises me} I guess I didn't edit my ramblings out of this blog post.  Anyway, I have been extremely blessed by many great friends that are now hitched.  These pictures are in no particular order {promise}....I thought it might be funny to rank them based on the dress, but then I realized that might anger some of my good friends :) 

2011 - Kristen and Sean

2008 - Lindsey and Nick

2010 - Stefanie and Steven

2010-Meghann and Shaun

Yep, SRT and I have been in four beautiful weddings together.  I am pretty sure it is because we are the life of the party...  Here are some of my other favorite bridesmaid moments.

2011 - Kathy and Kyle
Oldest friends round 2 {since 1999}

2009 - Ashley and Cory
Oldest friends round one {pretty sure we partied like it was 1999}

Well, this is a random post, and I really hope some day I will be a bridesmaid again {bet you were thinking I was going to say Bride...that might freak Tall Tan Man out if I start blogging about that...}. 


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