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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fridge Hooks

So I had this awkward open space in my kitchen...Ideally I would want one of those super skinny trash cans, but that costs money.  I am trying to spend my money on things more exciting than trash cans. haha I had not found a spot in my kitchen for my aprons, and I really just wanted cute fridge hooks...I couldn't find them anywhere, so I decided I would make my own!  I still have this board from my old house {I had to rescue it from the garage sale pile}.  

Lucky me, my mom had a left over magnetic strip from...somethin'.  Sorry, that is not a very good story.  :)  I hot glued the magnet to the back of the board, and it was strong enough to hold my aprons!

YaY! No more awkward spaces (I am already awkward kitchen doesn't need to be)! I will add pictures of my kitchen decor soon.  I am kinda a perfectionist when it come to decorating, and I just keep changing things until I happy.  :)



  1. You are so funny and too cute! Love your posts! How do I actually become a follower? Oh and I am completely obsessed with Pinterest now thanks to you girls!!:)

  2. Thank you!!! I wish I could see who you are... :( It popped up as unknown. To become a follower you click the link either right above or below my follower icon {new followers make me happy}! Some browsers have issues with blogger. Pinterest is addicting...i have to limit myself. :)


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