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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Journey Part 1

uhhh...I am sitting at the airport, and I just told Tall Tan Man bye.  You would think after our 24 hour road trip I would be sick of him {or maybe vice versa :) }, but I miss him {and he misses me too}. Most people that I talked to said we were going to kill each other.  I know he was regretting his choice to drive with me when, I burst into tears within the first 30 minutes of the drive due to a work thing I found out.  I regained my sanity, and no more tears were shed :).  I warned a couple friends that if they did not hear from me after a while to look for my body on the side of the road...haha totally kidding.  Our trip was really relaxing, and just the break I needed to recharge for the last 7 weeks of school.  I will warn you that most of my trip pictures involve food...Good thing I am training for a half marathon, or I would of gained 5 lbs.  Our trip started Wednesday night, and our goal was to make it to Memphis.  My favorite road trip food {and something I eat at least one day a week} is the Chick Fil A southwest salad. 

This salad is super yummy, and with the light Italian dressing it is only 270 calories {this does not include the sunflower seeds or tortilla chips or the PEANUT BUTTER M&Ms I inhaled...}.  I think that salad might of been the only healthy thing I ate all trip.  I had just three activities planned for our Thursday in Memphis.  Breakfast. Elvis. Lunch.  For breakfast we went to Brother Junipers.

The atmosphere was great, a little hippie, and the biscuits for fabulous.  We shared an open faced "Off the Border" omelet.

It looked delicious.  Key word being looked.  Sadly, the Chorizo tasted more like taco meat.  I realized we were too far from Mexico to expect them to do Chorizo correctly.  After breakfast we headed to Graceland.  This is something I definitely recommend.  It was around $30, but totally worth it.  Elvis' house was beautiful...

Tall Tan Man and I worked on our Elvis faces a lot.  He was way better than me, but my Elvis dance moves were better than his...

Next was Memphis BBQ.  After much research we decided to try Jim Neeley's Interstate BBQ {2265 S. Third St. Memphis, TN 38109}.  You might recognize the name from the Food Network show Down Home with the Neeley's.  This restaurant was not fancy, a lot of the pictures were hung crooked, and I absolutely loved it.  

BBQ is not supposed to be fancy.  Tall Tan Man chose the ribs...

If that doesn't make your mouth water we are very different people.  I had some major food envy.  Good thing is knows how to share :)  I had the chopped BBQ pork sandwich.  

YUMMY.  We both got drinks, and our bill was only $21!  Holla!  Next stop was Nashville where we got to stay with one of Sean's good friends, and his awesome wife {they are about to be parents!}.  I had not been able to see this sweet couple since their wedding so I was excited to spend a little time with them.  This picture was in one of their wedding albums, and it is one of my favorites of TTM and I {our favorite past time is to dance at weddings}. 

We had breakfast {have you figured out what our favorite meal is yet?} at J. Christopher's in Franklin, TN.  I had a wonderful goat cheese, spinach, and bacon omelet.  I also had to get one lemon ricotta pancake to make sure I didn't miss out on anything...  

All the food was wonderful.  Made me want to start buying goat cheese.  We continued our journey to NJ, and to be honest I was ready to be out of the state of Tennessee.  This was our longest driving day {my only day to drive ;) }, and we made it to Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Sean got to see his college summer ball coach that he had not seen since 2005.  

This wonderful couple lives and breathes Turks Baseball.  It was cool seeing a part of Tall Tan Man's life that was before me.  The next morning I woke up ready to finish the trip.  Tall Tan Man and I did not have one fight, I only cried once, and only had one ridiculous bathroom break {stupid iced coffee}.  

We were almost there...

Stay tuned for part 2 of our trip, and soon after that will be my May fitness goals...haha  I am not joking.  Have a good week ya'll!



  1. HI Leslie! I live in Memphis! Wish I had known you were driving through, I could have given you some tips :) I hope you're having a great trip! What is your instagram username? I'd love to follow you! I'm cameron079!

  2. Hey! I wish I would of known that! It is hard to trust traveling websites! My user name is lray31. I am following you now! Just a warning I am pretty random! :)


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