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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Journey Part 2 {Philly}

The city of brotherly love {too sappy?!?!}...

Our road trip was pretty wonderful {as wonderful as 24 hours in a car can be}.  If you really want to know how the driving part went you can click {here}!  The drive really did not feel like 24 hours, because we spread it out over so many days.  When we got to Philly we headed straight to the Liberty Bell.  

Did you notice that I am wearing red, white, and blue?  I'm so patriotic :)  Constitution Hall...

Is it weird to take pictures with Ben Franklin's grave?

Can I just brag really quick? Is it weird that I talk to myself when I am writing a post... During my 12 {got a little too into a song and might of forgot to turn} 13 mile run, Tall Tan Man had put posters to keep me going.  I'm a lucky girl.  

My run went well, but I did get distracted by the pretty trees.  We don't have these in Texas...

I love the pink...

On Sunday we headed to the Italian Market.  

I wish Dallas had something as cool as this.  There was a ton of fresh fruits, veggies, meats, and cheeses.  

For lunch we had a Philly Cheese-steak face off.  I went to Pat's, and TTM went to Geno's.  This was so we could try both not because we were sick of each other {I think}.  Geno's and Pat's are the famous {maybe I'm just a tourist} cheese steak restaurants that we decided to try.  


If I am being honest, I was just a little nervous about ordering.  Here were the directions on how to order at Pat's:

Did notice at the bottom it says "If you make a mistake. Don't Panic. Just go to the back of the line and start over"?  So yeah, I hate getting  in trouble, and I just knew I had a good chance of getting yelled at.  Thankfully, I was a able to order correctly, but I did feel like I deserved a gold star or something {the guy just gave me a crazy look for smiling at him}.  My order was one-provolone-with.  This meant: one sandwich, provolone cheese, and with onions. 

Geno's was much better than Pat's by a long shot.  The bread tasted like it was made fresh, and the steak flavor was better.  We spotted this bar when we were walking to our car.  

When I come back I am making TTM take me to Ray's.  It has to be wonderful because of the name {my last name}, and it is birthday bar {whatever that means}.  Next was going to Rocky's statue.

I can't wait to go back and see Tall Tan Man do his thing {aka pitching}.  



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  1. Ahhh!! I love that you just said the word pitching!! Oh, and those posters were HILARIOUS and so sweet :) {and that cherry blossom tree-or whatever it is- is stunning btw}.


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