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Saturday, May 5, 2012

April Photo A Day Challenge!

I bet you were just wondering what I did in the month of April...Well it is your lucky day {totally kidding...I am not that cheesy, I think}!  Here are some pics I took during April.  It was a hectic month, and I was out of town 3 of the 4 weekends.  I am thankful this weekend will be a lazy one.  With picnik being gone {wahhhhhh}, I had to find a new program to help me make collages.  I could not find any online so if you have any suggestions send them my way! I just used Picframe.  This is an iphone app that helps create collages.  Some of my pictures are out of order...Sorry I'm not OCD in the slightest...well, not for this at least.

This is the reflection I saw every Sunday morning this month.  I did all my long runs Sunday before church :)  If you want to see race pics click {HERE}.

 Yes, I do eat at stop lights. Stupid snooze...

Tall Tan Man and I were in Memphis on the 12th, and I felt the Graceland steps were fitting for my "stairs" picture.  The picture taken on the 14th might look like we are a little on edge/loopy.  We had been in a car together for 23 hours at that point.  I was sad when I was taking the picture on the 15th...I was flying back to Dallas leaving Tall Tan Man behind.  You can see more details from our trip {HERE} and {HERE}

 I love my new lamp from Marshalls!  I just took the plastic off...It look me 2 weeks to make sure I would not have buyers remorse.  Also, is it a little self absorbed to looooooooove
my LOVE picture?

Starbucks is my Friday morning treat.  No foam - 2 Splenda - Skinny - Cinnamon Dolce Latte.  My half marathon was on the 29th, and the pink flower tree makes me so happy! I hope ya'll are having a muy bueno Cinco de Mayo! Hasta la Vista!



  1. great photos! what's your UN? I'd love to follow you! @mirandaeccles

  2. Great photos! I was totally bummed about Picnik too! I just starting using Picasa for my collages. Works great and it is free but you do have to download it to your computer. So far I am loving the options for collages!

  3. Thank you Boni for the suggestion!!! I am looking it up now!!! :) Miranda - my UN is lray31 :) My pics are sometimes really random... :)


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