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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Summer Wishes

I am soooo ready for summer!  I am one of the "lucky ones" that still gets a summer vacation even though I am in the working world.  If anyone really resents me, I invite you to one my classes of 30 seniors that only have 3 weeks left of school, and you try to teach them some math! These are my fashion wants for the summer, even though I might not get out of my pjs for the first couple weeks.  

Red Shorts.  I love these from Gap, because they are more muted. Some bright shorts scream "LOOK AT MY THIGHS," I don't want that. 

White jeans.  I have tried on a TON of white jeans, and none of them have felt right {this is my 3rd summer looking}.  I might just have to bite the bullet, and spend a little more money.  I really don't want everyone to be able to see all the definitions in my legs, or what color my underwear is...These Hudson's had good reviews from Nordstrom's buyers. 

Some of my friends and I are going on another cruise!!!  

We are making one more addition this year, and all I have to say is Honduras better watch out. 

I would love a fabulous beach bag...

I don't love the puff balls on the strap, but I think I can get rid of those.  This is only $35 from Target.  Or maybe this one from Target...

I do love gold sequins. I would like to incorporate more teal and coral accessories.  I love these earrings... My friend Sarah said she saw these at Sam Moon! Holla!

Colorful Wedges.   Oooh I love these from Steve Madden.  Totally not practical, but life is to short to play it safe {at least when it comes to fashion}.

This weekend some friends and I are planning on doing some shopping.  Hopefully I can knock a couple things off my list! 


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