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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Photo A Day Challenge

It is that time again!  Doing this challenge really makes time seem to fly.  I blink and another month is over.  I am OFFICIALLY on SUMMER BREAK.  One of the *many perks of being a teacher.  It is time for me to regain my sanity!

This might be strange, but I really enjoy listening to baseball games {4th}!  It always helps me to be super productive :)

Saturday morning breakfast {12th) with my ladies is always something to look forward to!

I love natural {stir} peanut butter.  You can check our my Summer Wreath tutorial {here}.

I love studs {25th}...and early Sunday morning workouts {20}. 

These pics are from the last weekend before school got out for the summer!!!  Mimosas {28th} are my favorite pool drink!

These were fabulous! This photo challenge is fun :)  You can check out my February, March, and April if you want!  Have a great weekend :) 

Oh!!! I have a little favor...If am headed out to the Northeast to see Tall Tan Man this week!!! If you have ANY suggestions on things to do in or around York, PA, Waldorf, MD, Bridgeport, CT, Philadelphia, PA, and New York City let me know...PLEASE...I love trying different breakfast places so if you know of any of those let me know!   


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