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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Workouts {Park Bench}

Working out on vacation is always a challenge for me.  When I visit Tall Tan Man all I want to do is sleep late, eat ice cream, and shop.  This summer I decided I wanted to make sure I kept my workouts going, because I knew my healthy eating was out the door.  When you don't have a kitchen it makes your options much more limited, and for some reason I keep ordering queso.  Tall Tan Man's team plays in Camden, New Jersey which was named the second most dangerous city in the USA last year.  This means I can't just run anywhere, and in Camden there are not a lot of my normal workout options.  I am allowed {per TTM's orders} to run by the waterfront.  There is a good stretch of EVEN sidewalk I can do my sprints.  The older I get {yes, I realize 26 is not old} I can tell my body responds better to cardio AND resistance training.  Now, I am by no means a trainer or had any schooling on this.  So please do not sue me for any of these workouts that I love to do.  These workouts can be done on a park bench, {steady} chair, or a coffee table which makes it difficult to make any excuses not to do them.       

step ups

Start this exercise standing on the bench. Keeping your left leg on the bench, then slowly lower your right leg to the ground.  Slightly touch your right foot on the ground, and pull yourself back up with your left leg.  Try not to use your right leg to push off the ground.  Repeat with the same leg 10 times then switch legs. 

incline pushups

Place both hands on the bench and bring your chest as close to the bench as possible.  Push back up.  Repeat 15 times.  

leg raises

Begin this exercise with your bum on the edge of the bench and arms holding on the the side of the bench above your head.  Start this with your legs straight up, slowly lower them to the level of the bench, then raise back up.  It is important to keep your lower back on the bench so you may not be able to lower your legs all the way {and that is okay!}.   Repeat 15 times.  

Now repeat all three of those exercise twice more {3 times total}.  Your half way done!

one legged lunges

Standing next to the bench take a larger than normal step out.  Reach back with your left leg and balance yourself {try not to fall over :) } .  Slowly lower your body as far as you can.  It is key to not let your front knee extend past your front toe.  Repeat this 10 times for each leg. 


triceps dips

These are my favorite.  I have given your three different variations.  The first one is the easiest and the second two are equally as challenging.  Sitting on the bench place hands a half grip outside of your legs.  Slide your bootay off the bench, and walk your legs slightly forward.  Using your arms slowly lower your body down and back up again.  Do not just do the Jane Fonda and thrust your hips...use your arms people! Repeat 15 times.

To make this slightly more challenging extend your legs straight out.

If you feel like you want to work your legs a little more, keep one leg bent and the other parallel to the ground.   Do 8 with each leg.  Can you see the pain on my face?!?

 V Ups

Begin this abs exercise just like the first one, but this time extend your hands above your head.  In one motion raise your upper body and lower body to a V.  Repeat 15 times. 

Repeat twice more {3 total}.  Wooooo you are done!  I hope you feel great :) FYI great = sore.  Please remember I am not a personal trainer, just someone who loves getting her sweat on.  Know your limits and reduce some of the reps if you need to!  One last thing, you might of noticed the cool bridge in the background of some of the pictures.  

This is the Ben Franklin Bridge {which is on my approved places to go list} that connects Camden, New Jersey to Philly.  The bridge has a running path that is about 2.5 miles there and back.  It also has a real nice incline. :)  I definitely recommend it!  

 There are some really cool views of the ballpark Tall Tan Man plays in...

Thank goodness for the even sidewalks, or I would be bruised and cut up from looking around!

Hope your havin' a great week!


A BIG thank you to Tall Tan Man for being my photographer, and the wind beneath my wings.



  1. Oh Leslie, I LOVE this post!! I actually do some of these workouts myself and yes great=sore... I've always thought about sharing some of my fave workout moves so maybe I will now... you've inspired me! Oh, and I'll just live through all of your "baseball groupie" posts... wish we could be together! :):) {or at least in the same boat!!}

  2. You should share some of your workout moves Jill! I always like to try new exercises :)

  3. It's so crucial to find someone that you're really close to because they will determine how your workouts will be performed here on out.Home Fitness


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