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Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Pages Pumpkin

My book page obsession contines...

This time I added glitter...

I'm in love...

With a pumpkin.  

This year I decided to do my Mod Podge pumpkin using a fake pumpkin. After putting this much work into a project, for it to just mold all over my table isn't cool {lesson learned}.  I originally saw this a glittery pumpkin on Jones Design Company {one of my blog obsessions}, and fell in love.  You do not have to do this project with book pages.  You could pick any scrapbook paper as long as it would look okay all thrown together.

You will need:

Old book pages ripped in to small pieces
Mod Podge
Old Jar

1.  Place pumpkin on a jar and generously apply mod podge to paper and pumpkin.  Try to get paper as close to the stem as possible.  As you finish big sections sprinkle glitter on wet mod podge. 

2.  Even though the mod podge is still wet turn your pumpkin over to work on the bottom.  Keep applying TONS of glitter...

3.  Turn pumpkin back over and allow to dry.  If you can rotate pumpkin so it does not stick to the jar then do so.   

Here is what else I worked on this weekend! :)

I love studs. Not just the metal kind. 

I am very thankful for my weekend with my stud. :) 


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