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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Wedding Invitations

I have a little addiction to stationary.  I am in no way a graphic designer, and I envy people with Photoshop abilities.  I have now added Photoshop or graphic design classes on my bucket list.  Tall Tan Man and I made our own invitations for many reasons.  I really wanted full control over how they looked, and I also wanted to save money.  I was so surprised by the cost of invitations, and I had no desire to spend that much money on a piece of paper that would end up in the recycle.    Most craft stores carry stationary and the prices a very comparable.  I ended getting ours at Michael's for $14.40 (awesome, I know).  This was for 200 blank invitations with just a simple black edge. 

I created the invitation on  I really like all the different font options and how easy it is to use.  All I did was upload a white background image and added text in separate boxes.

There is a white background below this :)

When your done make sure you save the image as a large file (it is called Sean).

The real downside to using picmonkey is you can't edit your image after you have closed it {I probably read ours 47 times}.  You could also use the website that comes with the invitations, Microsoft Word or buy a pdf image from Etsy. I also bought a monogrammed embosser from {Discount Rubber Stamps}, and it is now on sale for $14.95!

We ordered RSVP postcards from Vistaprint, and I was so happy how they turned out.  We were not able to send out save the dates so I really wanted our RSVP cards to have our personality.  We bought a 100 cards for $ 24.99.

Of course my inner educator wanted to use a test format.  :)

So in total we spent:

Cards $14.40
Embosser $ 29.99
Post Cards $ 24.99 

Total: $ 69.38 {this doesn't include the shipping costs...I can't seem to remember how much all that was. #brainstillfried}.

I saw this idea on {Jones Design Company} yesterday, and I wish I would of seen it sooner.  I love how the tissue paper adds a little more glam.  I wish I could have parties all the time so I could do some more designing!

I am so glad we did our own invites.  Turns out it cost us more money to mail them than to make them...  Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I get Starbucks in the morning!  I have only certain days that I allow myself :) 



  1. Thank goodness for your post! You just helped me realize I am NOT ordering my wedding invites and will be making them via PicMonkey as well!

  2. Good luck with your invites! Let me know if you have any questions :)

  3. Awesome wedding invitations! I'm also browsing more so i could pin them on my Pinterest boards. Really lovely =D


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